Month: February 2019

I’m Confused…

Can someone please explain the purpose of memory foam to me? Why do I want my pillow to remember where my head was after I move? If I re-position, I obviously no longer want my noodle in the same spot. I love my awesome gel topped pillow, but the memory foam can be a little frustrating at 3:00am. I re-position my head, and now my face falls into the crater where the back of my head just was. So now I have to wait until the foam poofs back up before I can rest my face. First world problems, eh?

This week went by fairly quickly. I’ve been dealing with a cold and bad sinus infection since Monday. Fortunately, my four little freaks have been very comforting and therapeutic. I’d love to see memory foam remember this twisted yet adorable pose:


She actually made me jump the other day. I had to rinse something out in the tub and opened the curtain to this:


I have never seen her in the tub before. I guess she was looking for a new water source.

Boo decided to grace me with a slew of goofy faces, after sniffing my yogurt and getting a smidge on her schnoz:


Abby was impressed and attempted a paw bump:


Meanwhile, Pinky just sat there, very unimpressed:


I was supposed to go to the casino with my Army buddy, mother and Mike tomorrow, but won’t be able to with how I’m feeling. My immune system probably wouldn’t appreciate being in close quarters with hundreds of people and their germs. So Mike and I will probably just take it easy this weekend.

Today’s symptoms: For some strange and rather rude reason, my sinus headache was worse today than the rest of the week. I don’t think my body understands the concept of how to recover from a cold. It’s not supposed start getting better then suddenly say “Guess what?!” *Pow – punch to the face!*. I normally don’t take anything for cold symptoms, but had to this morning. Almost two hours after, I couldn’t figure out why I was actually feeling worse. Then I reached in my pocket and found the cold pill I forgot to take. I’ve discovered meds work much better in the tummy rather than the pocket.  You’re welcome!

Flippity-Floo! Guess Who Flew?!

Guess who got to go flying today?  Meeeeeeee!!!  Woot.  The ceiling was below 2100′ so I was just a little restricted to where I could fly, and certainly no aerobatics (which was my original plan).  In the Flying Club, I presented the Club cat (I call him Clubby) with a new toy.  A couple of my kitties like it but it keeps getting sucked up in my little robot vacuum:


There were a couple planes doing circuits, which I thought about doing, but just checked out some sites around chilly Niagara instead:


Please excuse the quality of some of the pics, but it was a tad bumpy up there.

I had a bit of a bridge thing going on today:




There were some ice fishermen out on the Welland Canal.  Brrrrrrr…..


I yelled “Choo chooooo!” when I saw him:


Chilling birdies:


Can’t get much more Canadian than this, eh?


I can’t remember if I posted this pic of a snowy owl on a previous blog.  It wasn’t from today, but a few flights back.  They have at least three of them that stay around the airport.


Coming in to land, you can see how perception can be quite tricky when you’re flying.  Notice the red and white plane which looks like it’s in the upper right corner of the runway?  Where does he look like he is in relation to the ground?


He is actually quite a bit below me, all set to land ahead of me.  He’s not at the runway yet.  I had a joyous landing then quickly stopped in at the car wash, as I can’t remember what colour Lola Corolla actually is.  I hardly recognized her when she reemerged.

It’s been a nice day.  I’ve mainly been chilling since I’ve been home. Relaxing with the kittahs.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling a bit meh after my flight.  Lots of nerve pain all over the place.  My new norm!  My paws are crossed for a good day tomorrow.  Cheers!

First Flight of 2019

The weather was finally in my favour a few days ago and I was able to go for a flight.  Woot!  The last time was before Christmas, so I was starting to go through withdrawal.  We were hoping to fly somewhere for breakfast, but the weather socked in Niagara.  We headed over Niagara Falls:


We were both surprised how full the Welland Canal was, and were unsure if the water level was lowered for the winter:


We flew around for about twenty minutes, then did a few aerobatics back at the airport.

Hope to see you again soon, little Vyctor:


After the flight, we stopped at the nearby outlet mall, as my ten year old winter boots died (a seam gave out and they weren’t repairable).  Mike ended up buying a winter coat for a really good deal (around 70% off).  It was the first one he tried on too.  I was set on getting Sorel boots as they have amazing reviews online plus everyone I spoke to about brands suggested them.  Fortunately, there is a Sorel store at the mall.  Unfortunately, the ones I bought cost a bit more than I wanted to spend and weren’t on sale.  Still, I have a great new pair of boots which will hopefully last me over ten years.

Back home, we snuggled with the kitties and watched some movies.


I tried to toss a treat to Pinky.  Oops.  I’m surprised it didn’t get lost in one of her wrinkly crevasses:


It was such a great weekend.  Nice to get out more than I had over the previous week.  The flight was certainly uplifting too!

I hope everyone was safe today in this rotten freezing rain.  So many things around Niagara and Hamilton were closed today.  I will have to go and check my car again tonight.  I’ve had to have it boosted twice in the last week.  Poor Lola Corolla may need a new battery.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling rather weak and lower than usual on energy this week.  Worse than normal headaches too.  I think the second half of the week will be better – it’s only fair!