Phurry Sphynx?!?!?

Phurry Sphynx?!?!?

I recently posted a disturbing and graphic image on Facebook.  The text was “OMG…one of my my hairless cats is growing fur.” (Please note that this picture may be disturbing to some people.  Viewer discretion is advised):


Related image





She’s turning into one of those freakish cats with fur!  Good thing she is still adorable, so I think I’ll keep her around for a bit.

Someone responded to my post, asking for more pictures.  Thus, I present to you the following.  A sphynx with phur!


I hope all the pilots reading this notice something other than Pinky’s fur right away.  🙂

I love how you can clearly see how the phluffyness only grows on the outer part of her wrinkles.  The valley part is kept nicely warm and therefore remains normal (you know – furless!)


And a closeup of this odd, foreign substance:


I’m going to have to change her name from Pinky to Whitey!

Today’s symptoms: I unfortunately felt pretty yucky today.  I haven’t slept well over the last few nights, plus I”m having a lot of nerve pain still.  I made sure to always keep a smile on my face whilst at work so no one knew.  Mind you, interacting with my coworkers made me feel a bit better!  Made the smiling easier too!

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