Smashing Good Time!

Smashing Good Time!

Last weekend, Mike and I drove up to Mississauga for the Christmas Pet Show.  We arrived at the International Centre, close to Pearson Airport.  The last few times we were at a pet show here, there was a huge line of folks waiting to get inside.  It was rather shocking to see no line at all this time.  Sweet!  Right off the start, I saw a perfect little hat for Pinky.  I only let her go out on the balcony about ten minutes at a time in the summer, but even in that short of time, her little head gets lightly burned:


Unlike the last show, there were a couple of awesome sphynx kitties at this one:



We had a nice time, and are looking forward to the next one.  And, the fact that it is right near the airport, which has AvWorld right next to it, the trip ends up being doubly worth the drive.  Surprisingly though, I only came out with two things.  One being this (and I’m EXTREMELY grateful to my wonderful little mother, who has graciously agreed to sew it on to my lined Spring coat – thanks again!):


Just before leaving, we stood and watched about half a dozen planes come in to touch down across the street from us:


I made sure I conserved my limited energy for the beginning of this week, as my mother and I had our annual Rochester shopping trip from Thursday to Saturday.  Woot!  We so look forward to this trip every year.  We left here around 10:15 Thursday morning.  It was a smooth, uneventful drive, which is always appreciated.  Just in case, I created my own little dash cam by stick-tacking a GoPro to the back of my GPS:


We leisurely strolled through the Marketplace Mall until we had it all covered.  Once checked in at the hotel and freshened up, we walked next door to Sticky Lips restaurant.  We ate here last year the first night too.  Tres yummy.

The next morning, we headed to Eastview Mall – the same as we do every year.  It’s an awesome mall.  We found lots of great deals and essentially finished up our Christmas shopping.  Woot Navidad!  To top it all off, there was nary a single bad incident!  (We had a before 6:00 am fire alarm, had to move rooms a couple times, running over a chipmunk…..poor chippy….)  Although I shouldn’t say there wasn’t absolutely no negative experiences.  First, I spotted this in Target:


Things like this are why I’ll never become a parent.  Mind you, thinking of a mini me running around, terrorizing the world is the main reason for that.  Anyway, as if that wasn’t grossy gross enough, I came across a product that made me want to projectile vomit all over it, just so it would cover up what I was seeing.  I will never get this image out of my head:


Just to top it off, I see this on Reddit that night.  The question asked was “What is the grossest thing you’ve ever seen a person do in public”:


Ok, change of subject!!!  Look, it’s Boooooo!


Back to our trip – it was another great drive on the way home.  No issues at the border and we got home early afternoon.  I think this trip has been the best Rochester excursion yet!

Once home, I noticed it was a little chilly in the apartment, so I put skinny little Mya’s coat on, which her and Abby posed near their new vacuum friend:


So far, none of the kitties have tried to take if for a spin yet.  I’m very relieved that none of them seem afraid of it either.  I’m glad because this means not only do I get to save some energy by not having to use the old vacuum every day, but they won’t have to be scared by it anymore.

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t have the most pleasant day.  I hardly slept last night and felt just all over lousy.  I had a really hard time focusing later in the day.  Lots of nerve pain, which always seems exacerbated by a lack of sleep.  Makes sense, since the body is in overdrive, fighting the normal MS symptoms plus a now sleep deprived body.  I’m going to sleep well tonight and feel much better tomorrow.  

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