Kitchener Flight for Lunchy Goodness

Kitchener Flight for Lunchy Goodness

Last weekend was great! On Saturday, Mike and I went to the Hand Made Market in Niagara Falls. We arrived around 11:00. I thought we had only wandered around for about an hour when Mike informed me it was after 2:00! I couldn’t believe we were there that long. We walked out of there with a few items, including some Christmas pressies.

Sunday, the weather was quite nice, albeit breezy. We headed to the airport and hopped in Vyctor for a flight to Kitchener for noms. We arrived just before noon and missed breakfast. It was our first time having lunch there and it was quite good! While nomming, we noticed Vyc’s brother taxied by. He’s the only other Cessna Aerobat I’ve ever seen in person.  We first noticed the newest addition to the Kitchener Waterloo Flying Club’s fleet last summer:


Heading back, we passed over the very busy Burlington IKEA:


Back home, we played Forza for a bit. Team Orange at it again. I can’t remember if that’s him or me on the roof:


Then it was time to wash the girls. I think Mya was mocking her sisters. She only needs a bath every month or two but her three sisters get more greasy than her so need a cleaning weekly:


Boo was clearly unaware of her upcoming dunk in the sink (she hates baths):


I swear three of them were conspiring against me afterwards. I’m not sure why Pinky wasn’t joining in:


Little Peanut came out for a visit:


He went for a little ride on Pinky:


Actually, he really did go for a ride when Pinky suddenly jumped off the couch. He held on though!

Mya is trying to figure out why I picked her up Hair Care food. It was a free sample, ya little twit!


On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of speaking to some high school kids or Take Your Spawn To Work Day. I’ve presented three or four times in previous years, so I’m always happy to be asked back. A great group this year again! I do a compressed version of my motivational-type talk that I’ve had the pleasure of giving all over southern Ontario and out to Nova Scotia earlier this year. Good times!

Today’s symptoms. Had an average day. Minimal headache which is always nice, a fair bit of nerve pain but that’s just typical.  Energy level was my average, so blah.  It’s all good though!

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