Mom Hits The Skies!

Mom Hits The Skies!

Let me start off this blog with a cat photo from a perspective you’ve never probably seen before.  Introducing, Boo from behind:


You are most welcome!

I told her about the picture I took of her from that angle and offered to show it to her.  She responded with “You’re about to get a back-paw to the face!”


I looked over to Pinky to see if I had a witness to what was happening between Boo and I….especially her threat of violence!  That wasn’t going to happen though.  Out like a light:


I’m quite sure Pinky was like that while I was out this morning.  Jan came by and we headed to the airport to go for a local flight.  It was a bit windier that I would like for flying with Jan, as she gets mad at me whenever we hit even the slightest bump.  It was a little bumpy up to around 2000′, but then it was very smooth.  We headed south to Port Colborne then east along the Fort Erie shoreline.


We continued on to Fort Erie.  My mother loves being near or seeing the water.  The Peace Bridge was looking like it was flowing nicely:



It was a great flight!  It had been a while since Janski had been up.

Once we landed though, that was a different story.  I realized that I hadn’t put Donkay up on the door handle, where he usually sits for my flights.  No Donkay.  We thoroughly searched the plane, my friend searched the hangar plus we looked through the car.  Nada.  I suddenly thought “What if he fell out while I was climbing into the car?”  We were going to head to Timmies, but decided to go straight back to my place to see if he was outside.  Unfortunately, where I climbed into Jan’s car was right at the main door so a lot of traffic.  We parked and quickly got out.  We searched everywhere.  I was just about to give up when I saw Jan still looking toward the back of the car.  I then looked at the large planter next to the door and there he was!!!


I feel HORRIBLE!  Worst Donkay mother ever!  I’m so nervous someone is going to call FADS on me (Family and Donkay Services).  I’m so glad there was a decent person there at that time to pick him up and set him on the planter edge.  Phew!  I will NEVER let that happen again!  I swear!

So it turned out to be a wonderful day.  Mike and I are now trying to figure out what we’re going to do tomorrow.  Hmmmmmm……

Today’s symptoms: It was probably my best day of the week, symptom-wise.  Nerve pain issues didn’t start until around 5:00, so that was pretty sweet!  It usually starts before noon.  Fatigue was lessened with my medication, but of course, I always crash after – much more than I would on a non-med day.  I know less humidity and lower temps have helped with this.  I hope it’s not going to be Sweatember like they’re forecasting!

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