Fantabulous Flights

Fantabulous Flights

The MS Bike Ride fundraiser was today. As with the Walk for MS, Rankin Cancer Run, and various other charity events throughout Niagara, I flew overhead before head out.  I entertained everyone for a bit then took some aerial pics:




I headed back to St. Catharines and touched down just as my passenger arrived. He will be going to school in September to become a commercial pilot, and wanted a try aerobatics. We first had a nice flight over the Falls:



Then we headed up Niagara River to check out the Forts then back overhead the airport for some stunts. He did very well handling many of the maneuvers in my inventory. We both rather enjoyed the flight – he was a great passenger. I’m sure he’ll be an awesome pilot.

Needless to saying, I’m completely drained so thereby just chilling all day. I’ve found lately, more this year than I’ve ever experienced, I’m taking far longer to recover from doing things that expend energy, like shopping, flying, going somewhere unique like a festival, etc.  Over the last two or three months, it’s been taking me almost two days to recover.  What the heck?  I’m hoping at least a part of it is from the high heat this summer.  I guess we’ll see how things go in the cooler weather.

I was at a BBQ a few weeks ago (Mike’s parent’s place) and it was requested (by a cute kid) that I sit in one of the kid’s chairs.  I’m kinda embarrassed to say I fit.  It was a little snug though:


For the last couple of weeks, my little Pinky has been sick and hardly eating.  She goes through this once or twice a year.  It’s really hard to watch.  Fortunately, she’s a bit of a porko so she can spare a little weight loss.  I’m so glad to see that her appetite is returning and she’s a tad more active.  She has been enjoying breakfast in bed the last couple of days:


Everyone else in the household seems to be doing well.  A winking Zim is demonstrating that here:


Other than that, life has been mostly pretty good.  I’m getting quite sick of this heat, as I’m sure everyone else is.

Today’s symptoms: I felt quite good this morning and thoroughly enjoyed my two flights.  I’m still experience much more nerve pain, which seems to be getting a bit worse and more frequent.  I think all of my MS symptoms get worse when my fatigue increases, so I just need to stay positive and get through to Fall. 

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