I Can’t Think Of A Title

I Can’t Think Of A Title

Nothing truly exciting and blog-worthy happened recently, so here’s a bit of this and that.

Here is a tip: Save money on cat treats by getting those little kibble sample bags instead.  Your kitty will never know they’re not actually getting “treats” and we have the joy of saving some money.  I love going to the pet expos.  They have tons of samples, so you walk away loaded up for a couple months!  Pet Valu also has many sample packs to choose from.

Took some goofy shots of Abby today:



Boo was just her normal, high strung self:


I was off today and had a nice visit with my little mother.  I was going to have my hair cut, which would have been my first professional cut in about eight years!  When I phoned and made the appointment, I specifically said “I just want a basic trim at the lowest rate.”  Then I quoted the lowest rate listed and she said yes.  When someone phoned me yesterday to remind me of my appointment, she said the name of the person who was going to cut my hair.  I stated I had never been there before so I didn’t know who that was.  I repeated it’s just for a basic cut.  She said that they booked me with the master stylist.  Huh????  That just more than doubled the price!  The simple trim would have come out to over $100.  I told her that I was told I was booked with someone that would charge the lowest rate and she said it was booked with the master stylist.  Needless to say, I cancelled the appointment.  Man, I would have been so ticked if I had gone and had my hair cut and then handed a $120 (or so) bill.  I didn’t think that “bait and switch” tactic was legal?  How was this any different than going to a restaurant and ordering a salad but charged for their top steak!  Sooooo….Lil Jan was kind enough to give me a trim and I must say, it does look healthier.  Thanks again, Janski!

Speaking of Jan, I told her I was getting a mattress for her birthday.  I just bought a new bed and mattress last month and it is so comfortable!


They had a sample in the store and I found it very comfy for the short minute I was trying it out.  I’ve had it for a month now and holy cow it’s comfortable!  If you need a mattress, check out Worldwide Mattress Outlet, next to the QEW at the west end of the Skyway.  Best prices we’ve seen around.  Free delivery too, even all the way out to the majestic town of Fonthill.  When I purchased my mattress, Mike ended up getting one of their gel pillows.


In the last year, I have purchased four pillows!  I get horrible neck pain.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tense and/or spasm-ish in my sleep, but it causes a great deal of pain.  Mike let me try out his pillow for the last few days and it’s amazing.  I still have leftover neck pain, that is getting a bit better each day.  It feels about 50% better after a couple nights with the new pillow.  They’re good about treating repeat customers a little extra nice, and they gave us a great deal on two pillows.  Jan is going to be in heaven tomorrow night with her new mattress and head rest.

We had a few storms blow through today.  At one point, the wind picked up so much that I could stick my awesome unicorn head to the window.  Holy suckage!


The cross-breeze I get in my apartment is great!


That is all.

Today’s symptoms: Not too shabby!  I’ve been having sleeping issues again, but not as bad as the worst stretch (seven months!) of BAD insomnia that ended recently.  I’m still getting up multiple times a night and it takes at least half an hour to fall back to sleep.  At least I’m surrounded by cuteness (all four kitties were in bed with me last night) which helps whittle the time away.  It was a good night and very tolerable MS symptoms.  I did have really (and I mean really!) bad nerve pain shooting down my arm and into my fingers.  It was very rude and disruptive!   Geesh. 

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