My Mother Is Awesome!

My Mother Is Awesome!

My adorable little mother’s birthday is tomorrow so Mike and I went for a visit and took her out for noms at The Broken Gavel in Fenwick.  We had never been there before and I had heard many great things about it from folks at work.  We arrived just before 4:30 and the place was packed!  It was either sit out on the patio or wait 40 minutes.  It was so nice out, we opted for the patio.  The food was great.  Both Jan and I had the chicken and peameal bacon with fries.  We loved it:


It’s hard to believe she’s going to be 77.  Everyone who sees her thinks she’s only in her 90’s……I mean 60’s.  Kidding Jan – you look far younger than your actual age.  I’m sure the fact that you RUN on the treadmill almost every day and do weights has a lot to do with your looks and amazing health.  Of course, having such a loving and cute daughter has kept you youthful as well!  And just think, you’re 77 this year.  You’ll be reminded every day for a full year that 1977 was the year of your greatest achievement…..ME!!!!!!


Tee hee!  Just kidding!  You’re the best mother I could ever ask for.  Thank you for being so tolerant, patient and unwilling to put me in a mental institution all these years.   Here’s to 77 more great years to have you in my life!

I was supposed to take up the sons of a couple coworkers today for aerobatic flights.  Unfortunately, the weather pooped out on us so we had to reschedule.  The weather also looks like it’s not going to cooperate for my flight over the Fred Legg Memorial Golf Tournament for the MS Society – Niagara Chapter of Hope golf tournament this Tuesday.  Paws crossed the forecasts are wrong (like that would ever happen….hehe!)

I told Mike he should take his sweater home last night.  He said he wanted to leave it on the couch so the kitties could sleep in it.  Suit yourself!


We had a good day yesterday.  We wandered around downtown for a couple hours in the morning.  I decided to make us a true gourmet meal for dinner.  Introducing the Sheppard’s Splat:


As you can see, this mouth-watering, cauliflower topped splat has been beautifully plated.  Ramsey would be proud.  Even Mya couldn’t stop staring this culinary wonder:


After dinner, Mike and I decided to play the racing game Forza.  Mya mistook the Xbox and movie drawer for the mitten drawer:


I stupidly decided to set her straight.  This is what happens every time this door is opened:


Just make yourself at home!


I ended up driving off the track a few times, whilst watching her make an epic mess in order to get situated.  Ugh!  After she left, a couple of her sisters decided to check out the new cat bed:

IMG_9067  IMG_9078

They walked away, leaving the mess behind.  Nice.  Then out to the balcony to enjoy the afternoon heat:


Great weekend.  Disappointing not being able to fly but still highly enjoyable!

Today’s symptoms:   Still experiencing quit a bit of stiffness on my left side, mostly my leg.  It’s been going on for so long, I’m starting to think it’s with me for good.  How rude!  Like the other newish symptoms, I shall adapt and overcome!

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