We All Need Days Like These

We All Need Days Like These

I’m very happy to report that I felt quite good today.  This was especially great as my bestie and I planned on visiting Niagara-On-The-Lake, plus a wine tour and tasting at Konzelmann Estate Winery.  We had a very productive day, touring the picturesque town.  By 1:00, we both started to fade a bit.  Time for noms!  We went to Bistro Six One, which I had eaten at previously.  Their food is so good.  We split this awesome margarita pizza:


Yum!  Minus the tomatoes (yuck – although I will drink ketchup).  It certainly perked us up a bit.  After touring the town, we headed over to the winery.  The tour was very fascinating.  I can’t believe what a complex process it is to make so many different types of wine:



The bottling machinery was pretty neat to see.  Unfortunately, they didn’t fire it up for us:


They made up for it though with the tasting of four of their wines, including one made with only peaches.  Cheers!


It was such a perfect day full of great company, shopping and many smiles and laughs.  It only got better when I made it home and walked in on this:


Could they be any more adorable?

I forgot to mention in my last blog that my aviation mechanic and his son (also an aviation mechanic) were both at the June Recreational Aircraft Association meeting at the Welland Airport.  The son brought his adorable little daughter with him.  Her and I played a bit on the grass with some of the toys she brought, including a Barbie Doll.  I thought she would appreciate me bringing my own Barbie with me at the meeting last week.  Unfortunately, they didn’t make it out to the meeting.  So, Kendra and I went home feeling a little rejected:


My poor mother.  When I was little, I asked her to crochet a pretty dress for my Ken doll, who then became Kendra.  Still has his manly under-gotchies on:


I guess Kendra will go for another flight with me out to Welland next month.  Hopefully he’ll have a friend to interact with this time.

So here I sit, after an fun and uplifting day.  I need to rest to save my energy for tomorrow.  If I’m feeling well enough, Mike and I are going to fly over Port Dover for the massive Friday the 13th motorcycle gathering.  I fly over it almost every year.  This year should be epic, due to the perfect weather.  Nothing like seeing a sea of thousands of bikes, congregating in a relatively small town.  Stay tuned for pics in my next blog!  Maybe I’ll bring Kendra….

Today’s symptoms:  I’m still dealing with a worse than normal headache, but my nerve pain was quite tolerable for most of the day (minus a few jolts here and there).  I had to take some wakey-up pills to get me through the day, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.  Paws crossed for a great sleep tonight so I’ll be ready to rock tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “We All Need Days Like These

  1. A Friday the 13th flight. … hmm. Good thing your’re not superstitious! Please do an especially thorough pre – flight. Okay?

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