New Family Members!!!

New Family Members!!!

I can’t believe my rescue snail since November, Ralphie is still alive and slithering!  I feel bad that he’s all alone, so I decided to get him some friends today.  Mike and I were walking downtown in the rain, and I found a few friends to bring home to him.  Introducing Ralphette:


Also Luther and Jimmy:


Looking good:


I told Abby about her new sister and brothers, and she seemed pretty excited:


Mike and I went to see Hereditary in Niagara Falls yesterday.  There were tons of people buying tickets, so we were a little worried the theater would be packed.  Fortunately, there were only three other people that joined us.  Mike bought a hotdog and fries and kindly purchased me some popcorn:


Good movie!

Another thing recently, I bought a new bed.  My little mother, Mike and I went to IKEA and I fairly quickly found one:


I needed a platform bed because Abby used to do her naughty business (she has severe gastrointestinal issues and can’t help it) under the bed.  A real pain to move a king sized bed to clean in up.  So I made a skirt around the base with the leftover flooring from a few years back.  It was starting to break down.  Plus my mattress was starting to cause me pain.  I felt really guilty about getting rid of the mattress because I might have gotten ten more years out of it.  Plus hate spending money on myself for new items like that.  Mike and I mother strongly suggested that I get a new one, so I finally gave in.  It took Mike and I few hours to assemble, but it looks great.  We had to adjust the frame this morning, because I didn’t like the bed at the highest setting.  All good now and I probably won’t hear any kitties bouncing off the bed because it’s too high…..although it was rather amusing.  Tee hee.  Anyone need a king size bed frame?


I must say, I loved the view this morning when I woke up in my new bed:


Yuppers, life is good!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling really good today energy-wise (with a couple wake-up pills) and just a mild headache.  Bad nerve pain in much of my bod on and off all day.  How rude!

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