Vyctor Is Cute

Vyctor Is Cute

I had a nice experience the other day.  I mentioned that Mike and I flew to the customer appreciation event through Aircraft Spruce at the Brantford Airport.  Someone who flew down from the North Bay area, had his two young sons with him.  I had my Disney’s Planes sunscreen up in Vyctor while we were at the event.  Apparently the kids saw Dusty Crop-hopper and were so excited!


Things like this add to my joy of being a pilot and plane owner, more than I can express.  It’s like when I take someone up for aerobatics, and look over and see their smiling face when we’re upside down.  It’s just the greatest feeling.

We flew again yesterday – an exhausting nine minute flight to Welland for our monthly aviation meeting.  After landing back in St. Catharines, I met up with a student at the Flying Club.  Really nice guy and I know he’s going to love being a pilot.  He was kind enough to take this pic of Mike and I:


I just thought I would share a typical conversation between Mike and I.  He was at the airport and texted me when he was leaving:



Just so you know, the little orange list is from the app we use.  It’s called AnyList and you can link a shared list between people.  So when I update the grocery list, Mike sees the update right away.  We keep a tab on it for what we owe each other, usually for groceries.

Today’s symptoms: I was a little more tired today than usual, I think mainly from the flight (as short as it was) last night.  I seem to have a worse than normal headache too.  Other than that, nothing much else to report for now!

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