Amazing Trip – Finale

Amazing Trip – Finale

Carrying on with our final days in Nova Scotia…..  After we got back from Baddeck, we rested a bit before heading out for dinner.  We decided to have our final dinner just a few blocks from our hotel, here at The Old Triangle:


What a great meal.  I had fish cakes and Jan had fish and chips.  I must admit, this was the only seafood we had while out East.  Sorry.  😦


Amazing meal.  Plus we were sitting very close to the live music.  It was a perfect meal, followed by a walk along the boardwalk:


Come on, stubby legs!!!  Then back to our room to enjoy the view:


We had some great meals while there.  Some were as simple as a slice of pizza.  Someone from one of the offices suggested we go to Napoli’s Pizza, and we heeded his advice.  Dang, that is one massive slice and probably one of the most filling pieces we’ve ever had.  It was delicious too:


The next day, our plane out of Sydney wasn’t until just after noon.  We parked Jeremiah the Jeep and thanked him for his service.


Out of the whole week there, this was the first day of rain:


We were flying back to Halifax on a Dash-8. Jan striking the same pose as in the last pic:


I would have enjoyed driving the almost five hours back to Halifax, but I was just far to exhausted from the trip.  I had totally forgot where I picked our seats on the plane.  Oh right!


It was really neat watching it fire up so close to my noggin.  Nice flight to Halifax, then we had about a four hour layover before heading back to Hamilton.  We were actually both shocked at how fast the time went by, and before we knew it, we were boarding our final plane home.  The clouds at the beginning of the flight were very wave-tacular:


Oh, notice where we’re sitting again?  Hehe!


Mike was kind enough to drive back to Hamilton to pick us up (for our 21:45 landing).  It was great to be home but we would have liked to stay a bit longer.

I’ve been reflecting on the trip since I’ve been back.  It was certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Some of the many memorable moments:

  • Feeling completely at home while giving my presentation at two different offices
  • Mentioning to one of the groups that my plane is Vyctor and he’s a male with female tendencies – there was a guy named Victor in the room and we all had a good chuckle.
  • Getting a standing ovation after one of the talks.  I thought they were just getting up to leave and forgot to stop clapping….tee hee!
  • Seeing the Silver Dart replica again
  • Buying a homeless man a sandwich and seeing his touching reaction
  • Admiring the breathtaking views
  • Firing the Snider-Enfield rifle at the Halifax Citadel and learning so much about the history there
  • Fist-bumping the pilot of our first flight for his nice landing
  • Etc, etc, etc…  🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about our fabulous time out East!  It was certainly an experience we’ll never forget.

Today’s symptoms: I’m actually feeling quite good today.  I had two decent nights in a row, which always makes quite a difference in how I feel.  I have been experiencing more nerve pain shooting down my arms and into my hands lately.  Now that I think of it, I’ve been saying that in quite a few blogs now (over multiple months).  Perhaps this extra pain is my new “normal.”  Sucks, but I guess it’s the nature of the beast!

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