As you’ve probably seen from my other blogs, my trip out East was pretty awesome.  I got to provide my motivational presentation to another group of folks.  Another super kind and friendly group.  I wish I could have presented a couple more times there!

Jan and I had a pretty exciting day planned for our last full day there.  I’m the president of our local aviation group (Recreational Aircraft Association) and some of the members did something pretty epic!  Along with many other aviation enthusiasts and builders, they created a flyable Silver Dart replica.



Jan and I stood in front of the completed Silver Dart replica in Welland before it was shipped off to Baddeck, Nova Scotia in 2009:


I consider myself very lucky to know such a great group of guys:


Since Baddeck was less than an hour away from where we were staying, we certainly had to make the trip to the Alexander Graham Bell museum, where the Silver Dart replica now sits.

In 2009, they brought the Dart to Baddeck for its official flight!  Here is a short article on the flight. I know the pilot who flew it that day.  Bjarni Tryggvason, a former astronaut, came to speak to our RAA group about his time in space.  He is also an aerobatic pilot and we have met up several times at various airports and chatted about flying.  He even came over to speak with my mother and I when we were in the restaurant at the Tillsonburg Airport.  He tried to convince my mother to try just one aerobatic maneuver with me, but to this day, she still declines.  Anyway, it was so amazing listening to my RAA guys talk about building the Dart over the years, then the adventures taking it to and flying it in Baddeck, then the ordeal of getting in into the museum (they had to take out a large wall!)  It was so amazing seeing the Silver Dart replica, hanging there after its epic journey:




The entire museum was amazing.  Jan and I still can’t believe how many things Bell invented and created, plus what a personable dude!

After the museum, we headed back to our hotel for our last night in Nova Scotia.  😦


I’ll do a final blog on the last portion of our perfect trip.

Today’s symptoms: I had a lot of nerve pain today, but my energy level was decent (Yea!!!).  My headache is a bit worse than usual, but other than that, life is good!

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