Amazing Trip – Part One

Amazing Trip – Part One

Well things didn’t quite work out as hoped today. Still very weak and fatigued and spent most of the day in bed again. At least my four goobers kept me company. My laptop is in the other room, which has most of my pics from my awesome trip. I am using the WordPress app on my phone to do this quick blog.

I was asked to head out to Nova Scotia to give a few of my motivational/mental health talks at an office in Halifax (three presentations in two days) and one in a Sydney office. Needless to say, I jumped at this amazing opportunity. I have given this talk all over Southern Ontario over the last seven years. This is certainly the furthest I’ve been asked to travel. My little mother joined me and we flew out of Hamilton over a week ago.

We spent much of the two hour direct flight doing word searches and the time flew by (lame pun – groan!)

I fist bumped the pilot after a great landing. I had actually landed my own plane that same morning, after flying over the Rankin Cancer Run in St. Catharines. I’m so glad Westjet didn’t go on strike, or I would have had to skip the Run fly-over.

After getting our luggage, we went to pick up the rental car I had a reservation for. I won’t mention the company, but my experience was like the Seinfeld Rental Car episode. You can see the clip here. I said I had a reservation and he said that they have no cars left. Errrrrr….. isn’t that kinda the point of the reservation? A guy came in after me with the same issue. There were two higher class vehicles left, so we each got one. I had first dibs since I arrived before him. Please meet Jeremiah the Jeep:

It was rather fun to toot around in. The main reason I needed a car was to drive four and a half hours to Sydney for my fourth presentation. The Halifax office was also about fifteen minutes outside of the city.

I’m going to cut this blog short. This sounds ridiculous, but I wasn’t exaggerating about the weakness I’m experiencing. I’m having a hard time just holding my phone up to type this. Hopefully things will be much better tomorrow so I can get back to work and also continue on with my great saga in the evening.

Today’s symptoms: I’m sure it’s just from the awesome trip, but still feeling blah. As mentioned in one of my previous two blogs though, it was totally worth it! I have so much to share so please check back very soon!

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