Thoughtless Hawk

Thoughtless Hawk

I was laying on my couch the other afternoon, minding my own business, chilling with the kitties.  Being up on the 10th floor, it’s very common to see birds flying by my window, to which I usually wave at and yell hi.  Well, that certainly didn’t happen on the day in question!  I looked out to see a big hawk flying right toward my apartment, which would normally be cool.  However, this one had a huge rat hanging from its claws.  Yes, I know they must eat.  But could the hawk have been any more thoughtless?  Did it stop to think “Hey, maybe the people in this apartment like cute, little rats!  Maybe they wouldn’t like seeing me with my kill?”  No.  Clearly it didn’t think that at all.  I used to have pet rats so this scene was certainly not pleasurable.  Next time I see this hawk, I’m going to ask it to be a little more considerate and transport its food in a take-out container.  I’ve drawn this illustration to demonstrate how much more humane it looks:


I’ll keep everyone posted on whether this idea “flies” or not.

Speaking of flying, the photographer from the MS Walk on Sunday, Robert Ventura, was kind enough to send me some awesome pics of my plane!  Check out these great shots:




I’m so appreciative of him doing this for the Walk and also sending me the Vyc pics!  Thanks again, Robert!

I kinda wish I wasn’t at home, writing this blog right now.  I would much rather have joined Mike at his sister and brother-in-law’s place, playing with the four kids and eating Five Guys.  I’m afraid I still have this infection though, but at least I have proof now!  I had to get my blood work done yesterday (I go every three months because of the MS medication I’m on).  It shows my neutrophils and monocytes are elevated (white blood cells), which indicates an infection.  I’m going to head to the clinic tomorrow and get an antibiotic.  I always try to beat these things without one, since I get them so regularly.  However, I’m heading out of town for work in a few weeks and can’t afford to be sick for the trip.  I always take weeks to recover from things other people take days for.  What can I say – I like to be different!

I’ll just chill with the kitties tonight and rest.  Ninja Boo will keep me company:


I would say her speckled sister Abby would too, but she’s too busy being cute on the balcony:


Right after I took that pic, I noticed Spongebob was doing a similar pose:


And no, I don’t know how the TV got changed to the Spongebob Squarepants show.   Errrrrrr……I must have hit the wrong number.  Yeah, that’s it!

Today’s symptoms:  Having infections always makes my MS symptoms worse.  On a bright note, I always appreciate “just” having MS symptoms once these things clear up!  See, there’s a silver lining to every situation!

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