Month: May 2018

Out Of This World!

We had our monthly RAA (Recreational Aircraft Association) meeting last night.  My friend, Leon Evans from the Heritage Warplane Museum, came and gave us an amazing presentation.  He was the chief pilot of the Lancaster when they flew it from Hamilton to the UK.  I was so lucky to have flown in the Lanc a couple years ago and can’t imagine taking the trip they did in it.  It was a wonderful presentation on his trip overseas – very fascinating.  We had around forty people in attendance (some invites outside of our RAA group).  When I met up with Leon a few months ago and asked him about giving a presentation, he told me something that stuck with me.  He said that he presents to both aviation and non-aviation groups, and he has often been asked if he saw any UFO’s while crossing the ocean.  I didn’t think our group would ask such a question, so I decided to – with a prop.  I made this earlier in the day:


From the back of the room, I said “Oh Leon!  Did you happen to see any [raises the alien head up] UFO’s while crossing the ocean?”


Tee hee!  I’m so weird!  It got a good laugh, so I’m happy.  I was wearing this shirt too:


Something else that was out of this world was this little gem Mike and I discovered at the Bulk Barn.  I’m not a big Oreo person but a chocolate covered double stuffed Oreo is SO good:


And at least at the Bulk Barn, you can just take one and then don’t have the guilt of buying a whole bag of naughty treats.  Pinky concurs:


The temps have been so nice lately.  Everything is in bloom and the tulips are out downtown:



The kitties are in bloom too:


Today’s symptoms: I’ve been dealing with a bladder and sinus infection for around three weeks, but the antibiotics I’m on are finally starting to kick them.  Infections wipe me out so much and the weakness forces me into bed more often than I would like.  My MS nerve pain has been worse over the last two days, down my right arm. 

Thoughtless Hawk

I was laying on my couch the other afternoon, minding my own business, chilling with the kitties.  Being up on the 10th floor, it’s very common to see birds flying by my window, to which I usually wave at and yell hi.  Well, that certainly didn’t happen on the day in question!  I looked out to see a big hawk flying right toward my apartment, which would normally be cool.  However, this one had a huge rat hanging from its claws.  Yes, I know they must eat.  But could the hawk have been any more thoughtless?  Did it stop to think “Hey, maybe the people in this apartment like cute, little rats!  Maybe they wouldn’t like seeing me with my kill?”  No.  Clearly it didn’t think that at all.  I used to have pet rats so this scene was certainly not pleasurable.  Next time I see this hawk, I’m going to ask it to be a little more considerate and transport its food in a take-out container.  I’ve drawn this illustration to demonstrate how much more humane it looks:


I’ll keep everyone posted on whether this idea “flies” or not.

Speaking of flying, the photographer from the MS Walk on Sunday, Robert Ventura, was kind enough to send me some awesome pics of my plane!  Check out these great shots:




I’m so appreciative of him doing this for the Walk and also sending me the Vyc pics!  Thanks again, Robert!

I kinda wish I wasn’t at home, writing this blog right now.  I would much rather have joined Mike at his sister and brother-in-law’s place, playing with the four kids and eating Five Guys.  I’m afraid I still have this infection though, but at least I have proof now!  I had to get my blood work done yesterday (I go every three months because of the MS medication I’m on).  It shows my neutrophils and monocytes are elevated (white blood cells), which indicates an infection.  I’m going to head to the clinic tomorrow and get an antibiotic.  I always try to beat these things without one, since I get them so regularly.  However, I’m heading out of town for work in a few weeks and can’t afford to be sick for the trip.  I always take weeks to recover from things other people take days for.  What can I say – I like to be different!

I’ll just chill with the kitties tonight and rest.  Ninja Boo will keep me company:


I would say her speckled sister Abby would too, but she’s too busy being cute on the balcony:


Right after I took that pic, I noticed Spongebob was doing a similar pose:


And no, I don’t know how the TV got changed to the Spongebob Squarepants show.   Errrrrrr……I must have hit the wrong number.  Yeah, that’s it!

Today’s symptoms:  Having infections always makes my MS symptoms worse.  On a bright note, I always appreciate “just” having MS symptoms once these things clear up!  See, there’s a silver lining to every situation!

2018 Walk For MS!

I woke up bright and early and was thrilled to see clear skies.  The 2018 Walk for MS was today.  I’m like their little mascot, as I fly over the Walk Sites and take some aerial pictures.  It was another great turnout.  I heard they surpassed their fund-raising goal.  Sweet! Here are some of my pics:





My Army buddy Ken gave me a stuffed Bruiser, the mascot of the Hamilton Bulldogs.  He asked that I take a pic of him in the plane.  I also included Blue Dude, which my financial advisor gave me:


Once landed, I headed over to the Port Dalhousie Lions Club.  It was perfectly organized and everything was on time.  Mike was nice enough to come over to watch the closing ceremonies.  It was such a great time.  I met many new people and heard some interesting stories.   Also, I met up with the awesome DJ, Blake:


I had to pick up something downtown this afternoon, so Mike and I decided to hit a restaurant for noms.  We went to The Merchant Ale House on St. Paul St.  We were there about a year ago and Mike ordered the chicken and waffles and has been talking about it ever since.  So, no surprise when he ordered it again tonight.  I had the fish and chips:


Very good, although probably would have been a bit better if I could smell.  Stupid sinus infection seems to like me.

Today’s Symptoms: My energy was quite good today.  Sinus headache is still very bad.  Back to having bad nerve pain down my arm.  Other than that, everything MS related is status quo (Yucky fatigue, nerve pain and headache). It was a long but wonderful day, but man I’m wiped out now.  Nighty night!

It’s A Boy!

Mike and I have a new member of our family.  I told him I had a surprise for him and swaddled our new son for the big reveal.  Mike is a big fan of the Rick and Morty cartoon, which I have never watched.  I do, however, like the one character.  Therefore, I brought him home for us to love and cherish:


His reaction was priceless when I uncovered Pickle Rick’s face.  I had custody for the first few days and Mike has had him since.  Mya wasn’t a big fan of him, as you can see:


Mike is taking good care of him.  Showed him the fish:


Fed him peanut butter and jelly:


And surprisingly, shared his favourite Triscuits while they watched TV:


Yes, we’re weird.  I mean just look at our children:

Last week we met up with his sister, brother-in-law and four kids to celebrate their eldest’s ninth birthday.  I always joke with him about his age, and say “You’re 16 now, right Elliott?”  “Auntie Elizabeth!  I’m eight!!!”  Hehehe.  This is the balloon we gave him:


The card said Happy 16th on the front and we wrote Happy 21st inside.  Tee hee!

I’m so glad the weather has finally started to warm up.  One of the first signs of Spring is seeing the kitties frolic out on the balcony (it’s enclosed with sturdy screens, so no worries!)


Not too sure where Abby was.  They were quite content out in the fresh air, but didn’t last too long.  Once back inside, Boo decided to munch on Mike:


And Mya was licky:


All was good in my world until this past Monday.  I got my second “bug” in a few weeks.  I’m on a roll!  Woot!  I couldn’t decide if I wanted a cold, sinus infection or bladder infection so I got them all.  Jealous?  I had to take a bit of sick time this week, mainly because my energy was so low that I couldn’t even sit up straight all day.  The sinus issue is a bit worse today but the other things are starting to clear up.  I’m just hoping everything is good to go (health-wise and weather-wise) this Sunday, as it’s the annual Walk for MS.  As usual, I will (or at least hope to) fly over all three Walk sites in Niagara, starting in St. Catharines.  Paws and wings crossed the weather forecast is wrong and it’s going to by sunny.  None of this overcast and 50% chance of rain gobbledygook.  All these years I thought it was gobbledygoop!  Oops.  Well I guess it can be whatever I want it to be in Lizzyland.  I came up with some zingers the other day.  Just out of the blue, I told Mike that I’m Heidi-dextrous.  I can use two Heidi’s equally well.  Seriously?  Where the heck did that come from?!?  I don’t even know anyone named Heidi.  There are a couple other things that flew out of my yap, but they are not appropriate for my blog.

So there’s my joyous update for now.  I will report back soon, hopefully with good news about flying over everyone this Sunday.

Today’s symptoms: Considering the cold and infections, I’m feeling like caca.  Even having a slight infection completely wipes out my energy.  I always take longer to recover too because of my cruddy immune system (mainly caused by my MS medication).  I shalt get better soon though and be all bright eyed and bushy haired again!