I’ve Been Hiding

I’ve Been Hiding

Lots to mention in this blog, since it’s been a couple of weeks.  Let’s see….Janski and I went to Toronto to see Celtic Women at the Sony Centre.  They were amazing.  Fourth row from the stage, such great seats for a perfect evening.  We went up the day of the concert on the bus, as the stop here is just a couple blocks from my apartment.  For dinner before the concert, we ate a great meal at Fran’s Restaurant.  We passed this awesome fountain on the way there.  It’s hard to see, but there’s a golden bone at the top.



Then we went back to the Hotel Victoria to chill before the long, three minute walk to the Sony Centre.

The next morning, we checked out the Eaton Centre a bit.  I’ve never seen one of these before – it was an industrial sized Roomba!


Around 1:00, we headed back home on the bus.  So much less stressful than driving there.  And lucky us – front seats!


It was a great little trip for us.  Back home, I had to check on Mike’s fish while he was away.  I decided to redecorate a little:



I noticed this rather disturbing scene that looked like they were performing a satanic ritual on the poor helicopter in the middle:


Great news – he broke free and flew into the sunset:


I also got into his peanut butter:


And organized his CD cases:


Good times!  I have some more updates since my last blog, but I’ll get them out on another post soon.  I’ll leave you with joyous news…..the little snail I rescued back in December (Ralphie), is still alive!  Here he is eating some pink gecko food I mixed up for him:


I’ll let it get a little warmer before I set him free.

Today’s symptoms: It wasn’t the best day.  I had to take some sick time from work because I was feeling so weak and just generally blah.  I didn’t sleep too badly last night, so I’m sure it wasn’t from that.  I had a pep talk with my body and it said it’s going to smarten up tomorrow.


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