Good To Be Back

Good To Be Back

I went a little longer than I would like since my last blog.  Oops.  My bad.  I had a bit of a stomach bug on Tuesday.  I took about a day and a half off and was able to work the next couple days, but was still quite weak.  All good now!  So glad it didn’t last long.

Sorry to deprive everyone of your weekly kitty fix:




You’re welcome.

Since I was feeling better today (I was surprised how much better I felt than the last few days), Mike and I went to the airport.  We thought we were just going to go for a quick, local flight.  We ended up flying to Brantford.  My Army friend Ken gave me a stuffed Bruiser, which is the mascot for the Bulldogs (Hamilton’s hockey team).  He decided to join us today:



He was quite enjoying the view:


I asked him to change the radio over to the Hamilton frequency, and he was quite proud for doing so:


He turned out to be quite the photographer:


He got a couple nice shots of the Hamilton Airport.  There was a home and garden show going on at the Canadian Warplane Museum.  They turned the museum apron into a parking lot.  The awesome Lancaster was out in the cold (poor dude!), as you can see on the far right, a little more than halfway down:



We finally made it to Brantford:


We had to pick up some things from the Aircraft Spruce store, which used to be just a few steps away from the restaurant.  They moved a couple years ago and are now a bit of a jaunt.  It was rather windy today and we were so happy to see they now have a shuttle service from the restaurant over to the store.  Very appreciative!  Vyc is next to the white plane in the distance.


After picking up our loot, we headed back to St. Catharines.  Just slightly east of Jordan Harbour I noticed a fire near a road.  Turned out to be a truck or van on fire:



Yikes!  I hope no one was hurt!

It was a great flight.  Rather windy and gusty (which I always love flying in when I don’t have passengers), and flew through a couple very light snow showers.  We just chilled with the kitties for the rest of the day.

Today’s symptoms: So much better today than when I was dealing with the yucky bug-flu-sicko thing.  I’m hoping I didn’t push myself too hard today after recovering (which my adorable, tiny mother always nags at me about), because I would like to have another good one tomorrow.  I am still experiencing more than normal nerve pain, mostly down my arms.  I have certainly noticed how the MS has progressed over the years.  Certainly more aches and pains.  I go into a little more detail in my next blog, which will be much sooner than the last one!

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