Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle

I took some vacation today and my friend and I went to Hamilton, first for some shopping. Then somewhere I’ve always wanted to go – Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. We met up with our tour guide Luke at 2:00 and had an amazing hour long tour.

It was neat seeing the area I frequently fly over, as I did just this Tuesday heading to Guelph and back. The history in that area is amazing. I want to learn more about it so I purchased this book from the gift shop:


it was such a great day. I drove my friend home then headed home myself. As I stopped at a gas station, I looked down at my odometer:

Congrats, Lola Corolla! I got her in 2008 (she’s a 2009). Almost ten years old and every year I say “I can get twenty more years out of her!)

When I got home, I opened my balcony door. This is one of the first signs of Spring for me – when a kitty runs out on the balcony. I was in the process of taking a pic of curious Boo, but then she launched just as I snapped the pic:

Isn’t that great, Pinky?

Today’s symptoms: it seems like my insomnia is creeping back. For the last couple of weeks, I’m waking up around 3:00am and don’t get back to sleep for one to three hours. Last night wasn’t the worst, but certainly not the best. The night before was awful and I was a zombi for the day. I’ve been experiencing a lot of nerve pain lately. I’ll have to mention this to my neurologist next week. Hopefully it will be a restful and funtacular weekend!

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