Awesome Vyc Pics!!!

Awesome Vyc Pics!!!

I posted a couple pictures of my plane in flight on a previous blog.  When I flew through Niagara Falls last week, an aviation enthusiast took some wonderful pics as I passed over his home.  He was kind enough to look up my aircraft registration, then found me on Facebook to send me his great photos.  During my flight this morning, we flew south to Port Colborne then through Niagara Falls before landing back in St. Catharines.  I messaged him and he came out with his camera.  Please check out the great pictures taken by Kaan Ens.  He is in Cadets and has a love for aviation.


If you notice in the fourth picture, my lovely new red tail beacon is looking fabulous!  It appears the little electrical issue I was having with my plane has been fixed by my awesome aviation mechanic.  Vyctor feels great and it showed during our flight today!

After the flight, I went over to my best friend’s house.  She had texted me to ask if I wanted to go to a Norwex party.  I’ve never heard of that.  I inadvertently read wax as opposed to wex at the end of the word.  Because of this, I assumed it was a candle party.  I loved candles but have quite a few right now, so really don’t need any more.  But still, I get to spend time with my bestie so it’s all good.  I was just a tad surprised when we arrived at the party address and I mentioned candles to Laura.  She said, “It’s not a candle party.  It’s for cleaning products!”  Hehehehe.  Oops!  I didn’t think I would be too interested in their products, but was quite impressed with everything.  I think Laura might be hosting one coming up so I’ll have to browse the catalogue and pick out some items to purchase.  It was a such a nice time and I met quite a few people.

Tomorrow my Army friend from Hamilton is coming down and he, my little mother, Mike and I are going to an Ice Dogs game.  It’s nice to see they made the playoffs.  Paws crossed they win, although they never do when Mike is there.  Ugh.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today.  I had two nights of really good sleep, and last night was so-so.  I can feel a significant difference in some of my symptoms after I’ve had decent sleep for a few nights in a row.  I have been dealing with pretty bad nerve pain in my right hand for the last couple weeks.  It feels like my hand his being crushed, with the bone splintering and the muscle bursting apart.  It’s really wretched and unpleasant!  Having a symptoms like this last this long is a pretty good sign of an MS flare up.

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