Blue Dude

Blue Dude

I can’t believe how fast last week went by.  I hate it when that happens.  On Saturday, Mike and I went to this event, which I saw advertised on Facebook:


We chatted with quite a few vendors, and I recognized one.  Sense Of Bling.  She has her products on sale at the St. Catharines Market just before Christmas.  She has so many unique items.  I bought a neat little stick-on phone stand from her, which I noticed that Mike’s sister and brother-in-law had on their phones (we were there the day before visiting).  I think we toured around for almost an hour, then headed to the airport.  My mechanic just tried something else to fix my high voltage light issue, and wanted me to test flight the plane.  I always love an excuse to fly.  We traveled around Niagara, with my new little friend.  My financial advisor had a cute keyboard sweeper.  I always pointed him out at our visits and said I really wanted to get one.  It was a promotional thing but there weren’t any left.  I was quite honoured when she basically forced him on me last week!  It’s greatly appreciated and I told her I would take some pics of him in his new home.  I also mentioned I would take him for a flight.  Voila:


We even toured over the Falls:


The Flying Club cat wasn’t overly thrilled to meet him:


Unfortunately, the high voltage light came back on during our flight.  On Sunday, we went back to the airport and met up with my aviation mechanic, his aviation mechanic son and an auto mechanic from Port Colborne.  I felt so lucky that I had these great guys trying to help out fix Vyctor.  We were at the airport for a few hours Sunday.  I took up the mechanic a couple times while he ran some tests.  They still have more work to do to figure out the cause of the light being triggered.

Earlier today I was sent a message in Facebook messenger from someone who watched us fly over his house.  He looked up my registration to get my name, and then kindly sent me the great pics he took:




I’m so appreciative he sent them to me!

Mike decided to share a picture of the lettuce he was cutting up.  I sent it back to him slightly altered:


And just in case you need a kitty fix:



Today’s symptoms:  Felt quite drained today after my busy (but great!) weekend, plus my nerve pain was really acting up.  Hopefully it doesn’t prevent me from having a decent sleep tonight.  Last night was actually quite good.

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