Cutest Yawn EVER!

Cutest Yawn EVER!

Let me cut right to the chase.  Could this be any more adorable?





Good ol Pinky.  She was tired because she only got 22 hours of sleep that day.   It looks like she’s about to swallow her head in the last pic.

On Saturday, the weather was in our favour so Mike and I flew to Tillsonburg for brunch.  The food at the restaurant at the airport is always great.   The Skyway Cafe is at both the Tillsonburg and Brantford Airports and always full of folks, both who drive or fly in.

For the flight home, we flew over the dozens of ice fisherfolks around Long Point.  We couldn’t even see them at first because of the glare off the ice, but there they all were.

After looping around once, we headed back to St. Catharines along the Lake Erie shoreline.  The chunks of ice looked pretty treacherous:


Then we came upon the sea of windmills starting around Nanticoke:



The flight home actually took less time then going to Tillsonburg, even despite the diversion south to Lake Erie.  A tailwind is always nice for saving fuel!

Not too much else going on with moi right now.  Just spending this evening doing a little cleaning and reading.  I hope to hop on my exercise bike for a bit as well.

Today’s symptoms: Slept fairly well last night, although it was much better the previous two nights.  There are certainly more good nights now, since my insomnia (the worst I’ve ever had it) started over five months ago.   Been having more MS nerve pain than normal over the last couple weeks. 

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