Month: January 2018


Only weird stuff over the last few days.  I love days like these.  Normality is too boring for me.  On Friday, I did aerobatics for about 45 minutes, trying to do a snap roll on top of a loop.  Not sure how many times I was upside-down….it was a lot though.  Even my plane said enough is enough:


That’s the horizon indicator.  In this pic, it’s showing that we are completely upside-down.  Poor little gauge tried to tell me I was shiny side down even though I wasn’t.  So my plane is weird.

I come home to this:


Mya always uses her sisters as pillows, but this is going a tad too far.  My cats are weird.

The other night, I had the Pina Colada song in my head.  I switched it to Pinky Colada.  Then I did this:


Yup.  I finished what I was doing in the kitchen, then went out to my computer to complete this glorious image.  I am weird.  I guess I might as well present to you two more Elizaweirds. Visited my little mother today and we were sorting her purses.  At the bottom of the bin was a shelled peanut.  I asked her why it was there and then I turned the nut over:


I asked her WTF?  She said I gave it to her.  Kinda nice that she would keep something so silly.  Felt pretty good though.  Still, rather weird.

When I got home today, I was thrilled to see my favorite parking spot was available.  They are re-doing the entire parking garage (demoing it in sections, two years now).  I had to share the fantastic news to Jan.  My message to her:


I told Jan a mouse named Florencia took the pic for me.  Really?  Why do these thoughts even enter my mind?  I have to admit though, my dreams are absolutely awesome and extremely entertaining.  I can remember details from dreams I’ve had up to about fifteen to twenty years now.  Not sure if that’s normal or not.  Sorta weird.

Life is good.  🙂

Today’s symptoms:  Had a few good nights plus a couple of so-so ones.  Things seem to be very slowly improving in the insomnia department.  MS symptoms are fairly consistent, except still have the horrid nerve pain.  Been on my left side.  It literally feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my side just below my armpit and dragging the knife down to my leg.  I can feel the skin splitting open, the muscles tearing apart and the very tip of the knife scraping slightly into the bone.  Crazy – that’s how it feels.  Going to give it a little pep talk next time it happens.  Tell it that I appreciate its visit but I think it’s time to bugger off (Please and thank you). 

Cutest Yawn EVER!

Let me cut right to the chase.  Could this be any more adorable?





Good ol Pinky.  She was tired because she only got 22 hours of sleep that day.   It looks like she’s about to swallow her head in the last pic.

On Saturday, the weather was in our favour so Mike and I flew to Tillsonburg for brunch.  The food at the restaurant at the airport is always great.   The Skyway Cafe is at both the Tillsonburg and Brantford Airports and always full of folks, both who drive or fly in.

For the flight home, we flew over the dozens of ice fisherfolks around Long Point.  We couldn’t even see them at first because of the glare off the ice, but there they all were.

After looping around once, we headed back to St. Catharines along the Lake Erie shoreline.  The chunks of ice looked pretty treacherous:


Then we came upon the sea of windmills starting around Nanticoke:



The flight home actually took less time then going to Tillsonburg, even despite the diversion south to Lake Erie.  A tailwind is always nice for saving fuel!

Not too much else going on with moi right now.  Just spending this evening doing a little cleaning and reading.  I hope to hop on my exercise bike for a bit as well.

Today’s symptoms: Slept fairly well last night, although it was much better the previous two nights.  There are certainly more good nights now, since my insomnia (the worst I’ve ever had it) started over five months ago.   Been having more MS nerve pain than normal over the last couple weeks. 

Scent Russian Roulette

I mentioned in a previous blog that I saved a little beetle dude, who was flying around my apartment.  Dona was nice enough to leave a comment on my blog, saying Tipple Tipple is a brown marmorated stink bug.  Oh joy!  Despite the fact that he’s a crop-destroying jerk, he should be safe in the little tank I have for him and Ralphie the snail.  Errrrr…..or so I thought.  I haven’t seen Tipple Tipple for a few days now.  Not sure how he got out, but I haven’t seen him.  Maybe Ralphie is a beetle-nomming snail. I hope you’re safe, buddy!


I love having one of those Air Wick timed sprayers.  I have it on the lowest setting.  Every time I walk by it, it’s like playing Russian Roulette with a scented spray.  I’ve been hit a few times now – yesterday, I took a direct hit to the arm.  Fortunately it was only a flesh wound.  Smelled nice too!

Today’s symptoms: Felt fairly decent today.  I seem to be going through a few good days of decent sleep!  I still can’t believe it’s been five months now.  These periods of decent sleep seem to be happening a little more often at least. 

Flying Fries

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my coworkers in Hamilton for a meeting.  It’s a nice change of scenery.  We decided to head to Nations grocery store to pick up some noms for lunch, before the second half of the meeting.  I think the meal I picked was rather charming, don’t you think?


The meeting went quite well, although I was hoping we would be done early so that I could have taken vacation time to go for a flight.  However, it went went later and by the time we were ready to leave, the rain had hit Hamilton.  It chased us all the way to St. Catharines – no flight for moi.

The next day, I did my motivational presentation to the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise.  We met at Betty’s Restaurant in Chippawa for 7:15am.  They had a lovely breakfast buffet.  I was getting everything set up for the PowerPoint, so Mike went and got my brekkie. What a nice group of people.  They were all very friendly and so positive.  It was a great way to start the day!

After my presentation, my mother came up and we had a nice visit for the rest of the morning.  Mike went back to work in the afternoon and since the weather had cleared, I headed to the airport after little Janski headed home.  I was pretty much the only one flying, since it was quite windy.  My kind of flight!


Here’s a video of slow flight into the wind.  I had the plane going as slowly as possible without stalling the wings (no more lift).  As you can see, I’m practically flying backwards.  Unmute is in the bottom right hand corner:

Ah yes, good times.  It was a really fun flight.  I went up to the tower afterwards and had a nice long chat with a friend.  It was sad watching one of the Club planes head out to do circuits but could only do two due to rain coming in.  😦    See you soon, Vyctor!  Always nice to get a free plane wash!


I stopped off at Iron Chef and picked up some dinner noms for Mike and myself.  We had leftovers plus a cookie remaining, so I neatly bundled them all up for his lunch:


Classy, eh?

The weather was great today so Mike and I hit the skies.  We flew to Guelph for lunch.  The restaurant at the airport is amazing.  There is often a line up to get in.  We were the only ones there who flew in.  Had a bit of a wait, but certainly worth it.  Mike’s burger had a hash brown and egg on it.  He looked like he was in ecstasy while eating it:


I had the egg white omelette with cheese, spinach and broccoli plus home fries:


Vyctor waited for us patiently in the cold:


We were stuffed and had to bring home most of our fries, hash browns and my toast.  Mike was saying he was nicely full while we were getting in the plane.  Twenty minutes later we’re over Grimsby, I look over and he’s snacking on the fries:


Geesh.  One weirdo to another – come home to Boo playing The Floor is Lava game:


Today’s symptoms:  Slept fairly well the last two nights, which has been amazing.  Had a great day, although pretty bad nerve pain shooting down my left side.  It feels like someone is sticking a knife in me and dragging it down the side of my body.  Ouch! 


My Family Is Weird

I’m glad to be the normal one (tee hee) in the family.  My lovely children have been their weird little selves, whilst trying to stay warm.  I always have a little trouble getting Mya’s spindle-shanks into her pink sweater, so I bought her an awesome bomber jacket this weekend:


She seems to enjoy it thus far, even giving it a lick of approval:


It actually hasn’t been too bad in my apartment.  I notice a difference of quite a few degrees if I keep the curtains closed.   None of the other kitties have requested their clothing yet.  They’re typically snuggled under the covers and blankets I keep on the couch for them.  Mya ends up in the kitchen at least half a dozen times a day, begging for food.  I’m going to have to try and weigh her again soon to see if all the extra soft food I’ve been giving her for the last couple of months has caused any weight gain.  Poor little skinny thing!

Abby chilled in the warmth of Mike’s arms:


They also enjoy sitting on the heater behind the bed.  Since little Mya is typically found sitting on her sisters (which we call Mya’ing), it was nice to see Boo get a little revenge:


That didn’t last too long before Mya had a hissy-fit.  She’s getting a bit cranky in her old age.

Considering how tight the space is between the bed and wall, it’s surprising that porko Pinky can wedge herself in there:


Clearly I need to pull the bed out again and get the sphynx grease off the heater.   Ahhhh….the joys of owning naked kitties.  So worth it.  In every naked cat’s life, a little grease must fall.


The lizards have been keeping warm in their tanks, as have the two rescue critters.  I still have Ralphie the snail from the Flying Club, almost a month ago.  Also, a few weeks ago there was a fairly large beetle flying around my apartment.  I couldn’t throw him out into the cold so now Tipple-Tipple is living with Ralphie. Can anyone enlighten me as to what type of beetle thingie he is?



He seems to be getting along well with Ralphie:


I don’t think I’ll introduce them to my new batch of crickets, which are enjoying the heat lamp beating down on them:


Oh geez, I left the room for two minutes only to come back to Boo taking a selfie:


Yup, my family is weird.

On Thursday morning, Mike and I are heading to Betty’s Restaurant in Chippawa (for around 7:00).  I was asked to give my motivational chat to the local Rotary group.  I’m really looking forward to going.  I always jump at the chance to meet new folks and share my story.  Also, we’ll be at a restaurant so if anyone wants to heckle me, I can request they do so by throwing yummy noms at me!

Today’s symptoms: Dealing with a fairly bad stomach ache.  I was in bed all day Sunday (and the bathroom about 30 times!) with a bad stomach bug.  Yuck!  Still have a stomach ache and nausea, but hopefully it will be much better tomorrow.  Getting sleep tonight would be great too, as the insomnia is still with me.  Grrrrr…..