Chilly Flight

Chilly Flight

Mike and I tried to fly to Brantford for breakfast last weekend.  It was before Costco opened and the lot was packed:


I can’t even imagine what it will be like this weekend.  Anyway, flying along, we noticed the weather dropping up ahead.  We checked the weather beforehand and knew that Hamilton was yuckola, so we were going to head south.  Before we made it into Hamilton airspace, the clouds flipped us off and told us to turn around.  Ok!


I wasn’t quite ready to end the flight, so we took a little trip over Niagara Falls:



The Rainbow Bridge was surprisingly quiet:


Then back to land at St. Catharines:


I parked Vyctor, asked the fuel personage to fill him up, and we headed home:


You can certainly see the clouds coming in from the west.  Yuck.

Earlier this week I had to take little Mya to the vet.  She has been eating like crazy lately but not gaining any weight.  She only weighs about 5 pounds to begin with.  I thought maybe she had hyperthyroidism.


It took three of us to hold her down for the blood work.  I have never heard a cat scream so loud in my life.  We could not believe how loud something that tiny could be.  It was so upsetting to see her so scared and angry.  I broke down, like a big dork.  The good news is that all of her blood work is normal.  She had quite a few teeth out over the years and I know it’s not as easy for her to chew the hard kibble, which I leave out all the time.  So, I just have to feed her soft food multiple times throughout the day.  I just bought $65 worth of canned food today so that should keep her going for a few weeks.  Hopefully she will gain a little weight.

Speaking of cat food, something just a wee bit creepy happened the other day.  I noticed the night before that the levels of kibble in their dishes was getting a little low.  There was still enough for a few days though.  Apparently, the cats didn’t think so.  This is the message they left me (and I swear, I didn’t move a single piece!)


I got the hint and the dishes were filled immediately.  Geesh!

Today’s symptoms: I was off for about half of the day.  Jan came by and we went out to Timmies, then Fairview Mall and finally Petsmart.  We were surprised that the mall wasn’t busier than it was, this close to Christmas.  Felt decent today after getting at least five hours of sleep last night.  Still dealing with the insomnia, although I had a full week of good sleep a couple of weeks ago.  It was amazing.  Things are back to how they’ve been for over four months now though, and I’m only getting a few chopped up hours a night.  Blah.

3 thoughts on “Chilly Flight

  1. Hello Elizabeth….!
    I had to comment on the loud kitty comment.. I too took my little jack russel to the vet when she was less than one year for a needle. She is only 13 lbs now and probably only 2 at the time… she made so much noise that every staff member came to the door to see what could be making so much noise… Even when we returned months later for more shots we developed a crowed of employees who wanted to witness my little girl howl… which by the way was not as impressive a the first time… Powerful things come in small packages ..
    I also ant to wish you Elizabeth, Mike and your “little Mother” a merry Christmas and also a happy new year..
    Take care my little winged friend..! 🙂

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