Lots of Great Stuff

Lots of Great Stuff

My last blog mentioned the tragic event in Rochester, when I inadvertently took a little chipmunk’s life.  I think this blog will focus on the more positive things I’ve experienced lately.  Referring back to last week, Jan and I had a wonderful trip to Rochester for three days.  It started out a little rough when we stopped at our local Tim Hortons and brought our coffees out to the car.  Jan spilled some of her coffee on her coat and pants – not surprising as she is a bit of a klutz around food.  After getting her cleaned up, I was reaching for something not knowing that she had lifted up her coffee for a slurp.  I elbowed the cup and coffee flew everywhere again.  This was not a good start.  A few minutes later, we were on the St. Catharines Skyway, and the truck in front of me threw a stone at my windshield.  There’s a smidge of a chip.  Fortunately, that and the chipmunk issue were the only downfalls of the trip.  The first night we were there, we nommed at this fine establishment:


It reminded us of how Lil’ Jan always used to call me Lizzy Drips.  We have no idea why, but it stuck all these years.

That evening, we sauntered down to The Christmas Tree Shop.  This place is awesome and I wish there was one in Canada.  I’m still trying to figure out what this item is:


Lipstick for Legs.  Huh.  We also discovered this fine product:


Tee hee!

Whilst driving in the States, I thought it might be a good idea to take video from the dashboard.  Last year, we almost got in what would have been a pretty severe accident, when a car ran a red while we were going around on the advance green.  So, this year I stuck my GoPro to the back of my GPS (with stick tack!).  Worked great:


Fortunately, it wasn’t needed as there were no traffic issues.

On the second day, I wore this shirt.  I had about a dozen people stop me and say how cool it was:


The whole trip was awesome – probably one of the best we had. It was, however, wonderful to get home and see all of my angels again:


A few days ago, we had our annual Recreational Aircraft Association Christmas dinner at the Niagara Falls Mandarin.  I was taking pics of our great group when I decided to get a nice picture of Mike.  I asked him to make a nice face.  This is the result:


Good grief!!!

Today I met up with my father and we went somewhere we’ve been countless times when I was young – Swayze Falls.  It was so great to be back there.


Some of the trees there are a couple hundred years old and massive:


I hate pics of myself, but at least this one was from far away.  It took him a few tries to take this picture which resulted in my running up and down the rocky hill in front of the tree a few times.  Good exercise!


You can see how the deer nibble on all of the trees, as far as they can reach:


It was a great visit to this Niagara gem.  I’m looking forward to taking Mike there for a hike one day.

Afterwards, I went to Reptile Kingdom to pick up some more crickets, as my current batch of eggs doesn’t seem to be hatching.  I also grabbed a couple of pressies for Zim and Peanut:


I met an adorable girl there who enthusiastically told me about all of their pets.  Chameleon, geckos, turtles and I think she also mentioned a spider and snake.  I asked her if she would email me some pics of her pets, so I can include them in an upcoming blog.  Paws crossed she follows through!

Tonight, Mike and I are meeting up with some of his work folks at The Keg for dinner.  Ohhhhhh…..steak…..  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Today’s symptoms: I feel quite good today.  I had a bad cold all week and unfortunately, missed some nice get-togethers with friends and co-workers.  Just have a bad headache today and still a bit of a sore throat.  On a very bright note, the last three nights of sleep have improved.  I got about 6 hours two nights ago and last night was ok, sleeping through once I fell asleep around 3:00am.  I’m hoping Santa brings me a cure for this insomnia!  One for the MS would be nice too, but I don’t want to be pushy!

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