Birthday Awesomeness

Birthday Awesomeness

I hit the big 4-0 on Tuesday.  Yea!  I had a joyous day at work then Jan came by.  Mike came home from work and we chatted for a bit.  We had reservations at Kelsey’s for 6:25.  I was just a wee bit shocked when my best friend Laura and almost all of Mike’s family was there waiting!  Wow!


We were there for at least a couple hours.  It was such a blast!  Mike got me this sexy hat to wear, which we donned toward the end of the night:


What a great surprise and perfect birthday!  One of the great pressies I got was from Jan, which was entitled “Piece of the American Pie” and was a lovely plate of US money:


Very creative, Jan!  It will come in very handy when we go to Rochester next month!  Mike’s gift is also something I’ll be using at a later date – a skydiving certificate!  I can’t wait!  I’ve done four jumps many years ago, but they were only static line (pilot chute then main chute automatically pulled) at 4500′  This one will be from 12,000′ while I’m strapped to someone.  At least I likely will not have the issue I had during my first jump, where my chute didn’t open all the way at first and once I got the line untangled, I was way off course and landed on the shoulder of Hwy 400!  Oops!  My next three were a tad less stressful.

Laura was kind enough to get me these awesome balloons, which you can see in the first photo.  Of course, I had to pose with it:


I was off yesterday and in the afternoon, Laura and I went to do some shopping.  We went out for suppies then drove over to her house to pick up her laptop.  She asked me to tweak it a bit again, as it’s been very slow lately.  I was a little nervous when we got to my place, due to my latest “pet.”  I rescued a snail last week from the Flying Club.  Poor wee lad was on the sidewalk, right outside the main door to the ramp, so he was likely going to get smooshed.  I brought Ralphie home and made him a little habitat.  Laura likes to pick up snails and throw them across the street, so Ralphie made this sign:


Fortunately, she obeyed!  After meeting her newest nephew, we got to work on her puter.  Then, for some reason, I decided to get the goofy glasses I used once at university.  (Laura looks lovely in them, eh!)  I was always so fatigued and sometimes fell asleep in class.  Little did I know at the time, the fatigue was from MS, which wasn’t diagnosed until years later.  Anyway, I wore these glasses once while sitting in a lecture at the very front.  The professor looked over and saw them and instantly started cracking up.  Oops.  I kinda felt bad he laughed in front of over 220 people, and no one except me knew why!


I had something totally shocking happen today.  I fell asleep last night and I actually stayed asleep – until 9:50am!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  I woke up a couple times briefly last night but fell back to sleep easily.  I slept for almost 11 hours!  I think after four months of insomnia, my bod decided to try sleeping for a change.  I can’t believe how much better I feel today.  I’m so hopeful this continues, maybe just not until that late in the morning!

Today’s symptoms: Felt SO good!  It’s amazing what a good night of sleep does.  I’ll give anything for this to continue.  Great way to start off life in the 40’s!

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