Anniversary Trip

Anniversary Trip

Mike and I decided to go to St. Jacobs for our five year anniversary, which is at the end of November.  We didn’t realize when we booked if for this weekend that they were having a huge sale event.  Needless to say, it was a tad busy.  We drove up Friday and spent the day wandering around the town.  They converted a church on the main drag into an awesome toy store.  How long do you think this puzzle would take to finish?


That’s quite a few pieces!  Due to the sale event going on in the town, there were Christmas carolers out, treats in many of the stores, plus the horsies clippity-clopping down the street:


As usual, we hit the Stone Crock for dinner.  They have the best buffet ever:


It was a really productive day.  We ended up getting a good chunk of the rest of our Christmas shopping done.

The next day, we went to the Outlet Mall and the Farmer’s Market.  I saw this perfect sized cheese grater for my tiny mother:


I figured it would go nicely with this Jan-sized cooking set:


Tee hee!

We got finished at the market fairly early, so we decided to go to the nearby Conestoga Mall.  It was our first time there.  It was a bit of a zoo due to the Pre-Black Friday sales, but we ended up getting the rest of our shopping done.

After a rather stressful drive home in the rain, it was great to see my adorable kitties.  One of the first things they did is beg me to put the tap on:


Mya was too comfortable under the covers to come out.  It was a tad cold today, so she got to wear her little sweater:


On Sunday, although a tad weary from the trip, I went up for a quick flight to test out the new high voltage sensor my mechanic installed.  It was very windy that day and cruddy weather was coming in, so I was the only one flying.  On my second circuit, I had to do an overshoot and switch runways because there were so many seagulls on the runway.  Geesh!  I asked them nicely to move but instead they just flipped me the bird.

Today’s symptoms:  Unfortunately, my insomnia is still hanging on and I’ve been up since 4:30am.  Ugh.  I guess since this is the last day of my 30’s, my body wanted to get the most of it!  Paws crossed I actually sleep tonight.  I was born at 3:21am and considering how the last almost four months have been sleep-wise, I’ll likely be awake to celebrate.  Yea. 

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