Oops.  Little Incident!

Oops. Little Incident!

Had a really good weekend.  On Saturday, I flew my father out to Brampton for brekkie.  It was great seeing the passenger jets flying right over us, on the way to Pearson Airport in Toronto.

A great sight was the three Sopwiths that were doing a couple circuits together:


My little Vyctor looked on in awe, while he was all snuggled with his cowl cosy:


Yes, I know – I didn’t get his nose wheel right on the centre.  Close though.  ***lowers head in shame***

On the way home, had a wee little incident.  We were just East of Grimsby when my microphone to my headset started cutting in and out.  A few minutes later, his headset started to act up.  Then I noticed my transponder light was out.  I called the tower and asked if they had my on the radar via my transponder, and he said no, only as a primary target.  Then my gas gauges went dead, then the radio started flickering.  I let the tower know that I was having a bit of an electrical issue and asked for priority landing.  I wasn’t worried at all because I was in St. Catharines Airspace and the runway was just up ahead.  I phoned the tower on my cell phone just to make sure everything was good to go.  No problem – had a really nice landing and taxied over to the Flying Club.  Poor battery was dead.  My awesome mechanic came out the same day and put in a new battery.  Man, I really lucked out getting him as my aviation mechanic – he’s amazing and takes such good care of Vyctor!  Fortunately, my passenger wasn’t bothered at all by the situation and said it actually made it more exciting than it already was!  Good times!

Once home, I spent the rest of the day snuggling with the kitties and working on my presentation for work.  My little Pinky….


…..slept so peacefully, with her little tongue hanging out:


While I was in the other room, Boo grabbed my phone and took a selfie:


Today was really good as well.  Jan came over and we went to the airport to do a few circuits and test out Vyc’s glorious new battery.  There was a bit of a cross wind and my first landing wasn’t perfect, so she told me to smarten up.  Fortunately, the next few were better.  I told the tower that my mother was critiquing my landings.  He said “Mothers are always right!”  “Very true!” I replied.  After my fourth landing, I taxied back to the Club.  The tower said my last landing was textbook.  Jan said “Let’s not exaggerate!”  Geesh!  He laughed when I reported that back to him.

After the flight, we went to Niagara Falls to pick up something very nice.  This awesome woman, Stephanie Nielsen, wrote a book about some special folks in Niagara.  I am SO honoured to be one of them, as she included me in her book!


Holy moly!  She has people in there like James Cameron (who was from the Falls), amazing athletes, true heroes and more.  She’s an excellent writer and I’m really looking forward to reading about everyone else.  If anyone wants a copy, just let me know and I’ll get in touch with Stephanie.  Jan and I sat and chatted with her for about half an hour.  She had great stories to tell and her husband was a total hoot!  I also laid on her floor (I have no shame!) to snuggle with her adorable kitty, Angel:


Thanks again, Stephanie!!!

Once home, Jan and I unloaded some stuff up to my apartment, which included this year’s Christmas decoration for my centre piece:


Isn’t it great?!??!  I asked her last year to use the alien head to make a decoration for my table.  I’m sure just like last year, she was calling my some names while completing her masterpiece….things like Dork, Weirdo, Nut Case…..  Yup!  Normal is boring!

Today’s symptoms:  I actually slept very well last night after three nights of only a few hours of chopped up sleep.  I’ve been under a great deal of emotional stress lately, due to an issue I don’t want to publish quite yet.  It’s just been awful – I feel myself getting quite down but I’m fighting so hard to pull myself up.  Hopefully everything works out but it will likely be months before I find out.  😦

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