Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour

Just before Halloween, Mike and I went to a Ghost Tour at Fort George.  I hadn’t been in the Fort since I was a kid, but fly over it fairly regularly:


This was a nice touch while we were waiting for our guide:


The tour was really neat and interesting!  Unfortunately, no spooks were spotted.  We liked the stories and history facts our guide told us.


We toured around the grounds, into a tunnel and a couple of buildings.  Thankfully it was a nice clear night and not too cold.


I certainly recommend the tour.  Only $20!

At work Monday, I noticed my friend from upstairs struck again.  She likes spiffying up the cat pictures I change on the post next to my pod.  I think this is her best work so far:



This weekend was quite good.  I went for a flight on Saturday morning.  Once back, Mike and I went out to pick up some groceries to make slow-cooker pulled pork.  Yum!  That evening, we watched some shows and attempted to finish the puzzle we’ve been working through.  Little Zim came out to help but he wasn’t too productive:


On Sunday, we went to the Homemade Market in Niagara Falls.  The number and variety of vendors was very impressive.  Another great thing was the food.  I had this amazing naan bread pizza and Mike had a fried chicken sammich:


We made a few purchases, talked to some really interesting folks and also visited a photo booth in an Air Stream Trailer:



What a creative idea!

We had a great time and stayed dry on such a yucky, rainy day.

I am off tomorrow and my little mother (a motherlette!) is coming to visit. I’m a little overdue for my three month blood work (for the MS drug Gilenya).  Oops!  I’m sure we’ll also hit Timmies then maybe the mall.  After she goes, I’ll probably work on the Lunch and Learn presentation I’m giving at work later this month.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty cruddy today.  The insomnia is hanging on and I’ve been up before 4:00 the last two mornings.  I generally can’t fall back to sleep once I wake up.  It’s been over three months now and it’s so frustrating.  What long-term lack of sleep does to a person is not pleasant at all to deal with.  I would give anything to find a solution to this. 

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