Abby’s Nine!

Abby’s Nine!

I can’t believe my youngest daughter turned nine on Halloween.  Geesh, they grow up so fast!  Check out this pile of cuteness – Abby is in the bottom right:


So tiny:


Her first noms at her forever home:


Her shirt says she’s naughty, but she really isn’t:

Edit2 (2)

Her look kinda says different though!  Fortunately, big sister Mya saw past her mischievous glare and took her under her paw:

Mya and Abby

She’s just as cute today as she was back then:


Her and sisters received some awesome pressies a friend from work made.  How awesome of her!  She’s such a good person – volunteers at a cat adoption place in Niagara:


I’m going to stop this blog here, so it’s fully about my little Abigail McGuilicutty.  She was diagnosed with an issue with her colon and we didn’t think she would make it to her third birthday.  Surprise!  Sure, she’s on a daily anti-inflammatory and antidepressant, but she’s comfortable and full of life!  Here’s to another nine years, sweetie!

Today’s symptoms: A little weary because I’m trying to get off my sleeping pills, and haven’t taken any in the last two nights.  Only been getting a few hours of sleep on and off.  I may take something tonight so I get a more decent night.  Hopefully I can wean myself off of this stuff soon.  I think my body is becoming dependent on them – not good!  I would much rather become dependent on better things in life, like chocolate and wine!

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