Well today was quite nice – Mike and I both took some vacation and went to Safari Niagara in Stevensville (near Fort Erie).  We met up with my father this morning.  He does quite a bit of work for them so he was able to take us around and in some cases, go behind the scenes.  One of the first things we did was visit the rhinos.  I must say, when the massive beast (of cute awesomeness) walked out, it was almost surreal to see such a huge animal heading towards us:


We couldn’t believe how tough his skin was.  Dude clearly enjoys rolling around in mud (but who doesn’t!)


It was just amazing to look right into his eyes, just inches away.  Should I be jealous that his eyelashes are nicer than mine?


We were also able to feed him…..he kept opening his mouth after the first few tosses of munchies.  I’m going to take this as a smile:


I can’t believe how large the property is and the number of animals.  Spread the word folks, this place is a gem in Niagara.  You must go!

After checking out the rhinos, we moved on to the giraffes.  Kinda cool to feed ol’ spindle neck:


And the number of different felines they have – wow!  Check out this beaut:


Almost as majestic as my Abby, leaping from the window sill:


I know, you’re asking “Why go to a zoo when you have such beauty and gracefulness at your own home”:


Ok, not quite the same, but still pretty awesome.  What a great day!  Another neat part is that it’s only Friday!!!  Yea!  I’m really hoping to sleep tonight so I have another good day tomorrow.  Still dealing with the insomnia…I only got a few hours last night, and all broken up.  It’s weird to be so tired yet unable to sleep.  I’ve tried different meds but most seem to have the same result – they help me fall asleep but then I’m up an hour or two later and can’t fall back to sleep  How can that be since I’m completely exhausted?  I think I mentioned in a previous blog, and I still firmly believe that my body is a jerk!  Like seriously – what did I ever do to you?  I take you flying, do fun trips to Safari Niagara, nice walks downtown, etc…and I just ask for a little resty-poo in return and you shun me of this joyous pleasure!  Oh, the humanity!  Ok, I’m done my rant….thank you for listening.

Next topic: Product review.  Mike and I picked up this guilty pleasure the other day at Zehrs.  I love President’s Choice products and have never been disappointed.  This one was SO good (but naughty….I didn’t dare look at the nutritional information, knowing we were slurping up pools of fattening yummola sauce and noodleage):


It was so good!  Other ones we love are the cauliflower topped shepherds pie and roasted veggie lasagna.  Seriously recommend!

Moving on…I was drying my hair the other night and Mya decided to climb on up and “help” with her overwhelming cuteness:


I think the poor little skinny thing was just enjoying the heat from the hair dryer.

So there we have it folks – great day off and still have a three day weekend to enjoy!  Hoping to head up for a flight either tomorrow or Monday.  Later this month, my plane Vyctor will be having his annual inspection.  Paws crossed everything checks out well and I don’t have to sell my mother’s kidney to pay for everything.  This would be a huge problem since I sold one of hers last year to cover the costs.  Should leave her with one…

Today’s symptoms: Was quite tired this morning after very little sleep.  I took a little wake-me-up pill which got me through the day.  Tomorrow I won’t need one because I had a chat with my brain and body and they agreed they would give sleeping a whirl tonight.  Weeee!

3 thoughts on “Rhinorific!

  1. I love your Rhino pics!! I haven’t been there since the boys were little. I love the zoo 🙂
    I have a feeling you are going to sleep better tonight. Sophie has had sympathy insomnia along with you for the last couple of months and last night was the first night she slept right thru and didn’t get up until 7 so there you go! 🙂

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