Snowbirds Rock!

Snowbirds Rock!

What an amazing couple of days.  Mike and I made the arduous drive to the airport yesterday to see the Snowbirds perform.  The drive usually takes less than 20 minutes but with the traffic backup heading into the airport, it was over 40.  Worth it though.  It was kinda nice to drive by all of the general parking folks and into the “We have our own cute planes here so we get to park next to the Flying Club!”  We actually ended up watching the show in one of the best spots, right in front of the Flying Club hangar.  Just before the show started, I went in to check on cute little Vyctor, who is undergoing some minor surgery on his alternator.


You can see his bottom cowling is off and sitting on the ground in the far left side of the pic.  I am planning on doing a very thorough tummy cleaning before the weather gets too cold, so I at least cleaned the lower cowling while it was off (much easier than crawling under the plane!).

What a blast when the show started.  Their precision is incredible:



Mind…..Blown…..   The show was over 40 minutes and as usual with them, absolutely spectacular!

I kinda, sorta felt bad for the folks who paid $85 for the VIP seats, since we kinda, sorta got in for free.  However, with what we’ve paid to the airport for pilot lessons, fuel and hangar rental, we earned the great view!  The VIP area was actually quite nice since they got good parking, drinks, food and met the pilots and crew:


Sad to see them land:




Absolutely perfect experience….and then it kept going into the next day.  I inadvertently took the Flying Club’s copy of Vyctor’s keys and brought them home with me yesterday.  My mechanic needed them to finish up the repairs (as my magneto was sitting on the floor in front of the pilot’s seat).  So, since I usually meet up with my little mother on Thursday’s, we first drove out to the airport before my bank appointment.  The Snowbirds were set to take off and head to London just after 11:00.  Jan has never been that close to them before so we stuck around for over an hour.  I decided to take her over to get closer to the amazing planes, when the Crew Chief for number 1 started chatting with us.  He was so nice, friendly and informative.  We can’t say how much we appreciate him talking to us for about fifteen minutes.  He asked me something I never thought I would have heard:  “Do you want to get in?”  Holy crud sticks!  Certainly could never say no to that!


Again, my appreciation is epic:


After, we headed back to the Flying Club and waited for the departure.  Jan and I both teared up with the sight, sound and Canadian pride of the situation!  What an experience and all because I’m a dork and forgot to leave my spare key at the Flying Club.  Needless to say, our trip to Wal-Mart afterwards wasn’t quite as grand, but still productive.  I had to buy some new de-greaser to clean Vyctor’s belly.  I was hoping to do it after my aerobatic flights Sunday morning but it’s supposed to be in the high 80’s.  Ugh!  I may have to wait a couple more weeks for some cooler weather (as most people with MS, I have a heat intolerance).

On a bright note, my aviation mechanic gave me a jingle this evening and said Vyc is all ready to rock.  They had to replace his alternator brushes and bearing, after I continuously had a high voltage warning light the last flight I was on.  My mechanic is great.  Just look at the love and devotion he is showing to my little Aerobat:


So that was our awesome day.  Jan had dinner with me tonight and we watched some TV.  The kitties did some sun bathing out on the balcony.  Pinky is only allowed out for about 10 minutes because her ham-like flesh (and lard) sunburns quickly:


Today’s symptoms: Felt really good for a change!  I am SO happy to report that I had the best night sleep last night, since my insomnia started almost three months ago.  I was so exhausted after the show, plus being out in the sun, that I came home and passed out in bed.  I didn’t even have enough energy to shower or brush my teeth…..ewwwww.

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