Snowbirds – Up Close!!!

Snowbirds – Up Close!!!

What an awesome weekend.  On Saturday, Mike and I went to the airport to change the weather seal on Vyctor’s doors.  We started working on one in the hangar, and soon realized what a long job it was going to be.  So, we removed both doors, took everything out of the plane and brought them back home:


Kinda weird to have airplane doors in my living room:


Good thing we brought them home because it took us over six hours to complete!  Getting the old adhesive off was brutal!

On Sunday, Mike met up with his dad at the airport.  I did some things around the apartment then headed to the Flying Club to put my doors back on.  The Club manager let me know that the Snowbirds were heading in.  They are doing an airshow on Wednesday so they came in on Sunday.  We watched two of them land, with the remaining nine to come in a few hours later.


Lots of activity as the cadets were out gliding:



The Lancaster flew over:


And of course, the helicopters for the Niagara Falls tours:


Oh, and did I mention the Snowbirds?  Tee hee.  We went over and talked to some of the crew.  I introduced myself to the Public Affairs Officer, Michele Tremblay.  She was so nice and informative:


Pretty neat to be so close to the amazing aircraft:



After watching some of the activity, we headed back to Vyc and decided to test out the new weather stripping.  We flew up overhead the field and did some aerobatics.  It’s nice not having any of my hair being sucked out, where the old stripping was cracked and rotten.  Afterwards, we chatted with some people at the airport and tried to decide if we should wait for the rest of the Snowbirds to come in.  We both assumed we would regret not staying, so we did.  What an awesome sight when they came back:



The sound was epic!  Soon after they landed, a Dash 8 came in.  I snagged this pic just as one of the Club’s training planes was taking off:


Pretty cool watching them taxiing in and lining up with absolute perfection:


As you can see, Mike was thrilled.


After checking everything out, we both realized how hungry we were so we decided to leave.  First we dragged Vyc over to the hangar:


He looked stunning with his pitot static cover, dangling with it’s new little headset:


Since we both had our cars, we decided to meet at Zehrs at the Fairview Mall to grab some groceries and pick up dinner.  I wanted to get something for my mother in Wal-Mart, so we headed down to the opposite end of the mall.  It was just 5:00 so the mall was closing.  They let us in through the interior doors, and closed them behind us.  We got our loot and then had to walk outside back to the other end of the mall.  We attempted to go through the doors near where we were parked, but they were locked.  Just then, a cute, little old lady came up behind us and asked if the store was closed.  I said that she would have to go around outside to the main front doors.  I explained how to get there, then she said she didn’t have a car.  She had just taken the bus to  the mall.  I said I would drive her around to the front.  She said she left her wallet in Zehrs yesterday so she just wanted to  retrieve it.  I asked how she was going to get back home after and she said she would take the bus.  Well, the bus stop was on the back side of the mall, and there’s no way she could have walked that far.  Mike and I went in with her and she got her wallet.  I then asked Mike to pick up the groceries because I was going to drive her home.  When we walked out to my car, I opened her door and said “Your chariot awaits, madame!”  She was so cute, in the car she pulled her wallet out and said she was giving me gas money.  I told her not to be so silly and put her wallet away.  She was so insistent and dropped $3 into my cup holder.  She kept saying how much she appreciated the ride and that I should just take her little token of appreciation.  I said “Yes mommy!”  By the time I got her home, Mike texted and said he had almost everything, so I just drove home.  What a perfect end to the day!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today after finally getting a couple good sleeps.  I hope this is a sign of improvement in the ol’ sleep department. 

2 thoughts on “Snowbirds – Up Close!!!

  1. Vyctor must be happy with his new weather stripping. 🙂 I’m sure he appreciated all your work.
    I love the snowbirds!!! I’m hoping I can see them from my place tomorrow. I can’t believe how much the tickets are 😦

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