Awesome Vacation!

Awesome Vacation!

Mike and I flew up to Elmhirst Resort, northeast of Toronto this weekend.  It was our first time there.  One of the things that attracted us to this location was the grass runway on the property.  We headed out just after 9:30am and figured the flight would be less than an hour and a half.  Half way there, we had the pleasure of flying by Toronto:


After about an hour into our flight, we came upon Rice Lake, which the resort is on:


Soon after, we were on final to land:


Once we parked Vyctor, a few other planes landed after us.  We watched them come in and then wandered over to the reception building.  It was too early to check into our cottage so we wandered around the resort for a couple hours.  I must mention, before leaving for our trip, Mike said that if we get there and someone recognizes me (happens a fair bit when we’re at other airports for fly-ins and noms) that he was going to leave.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to run into anyone up there.  Well, lo and behold, we had just sat down to have some lunch when someone came into the restaurant and said “Hi Lizzy!”  The look on Mike’s face was priceless.  A couple guys came in soon after, and one said “I read your article in the COPA magazine!”  Bwahahaha!  Poor Mike.

After lunch, we walked back to the plane with with the guys we just met up with, chatted a bit more then watched them take off:



Then we unloaded the plane and brought our loot over to our cottage.  It was so nice with a great view of the float plane dock:



The next day, we had a guided canoe trip booked after brekkie.  Our tour guide Debbie was awesome.  She told us so much about the area and resort.  She also didn’t seem to mind too much when this happened:


We relaxed for a bit back at the cottage then we went for a horseback riding excursion.  This was Mike’s first time on a horsie.  I  had ridden before when I was a kid then took lessons for a year back in high school.  They gave Mike a nice, calm horse and they gave me Mike.  Yes, my horse’s name was Mike.


We had an awesome ride through some wooded areas and around some fields, with two women from Germany (on vacation here) and the tour guide.  Here are some videos I live posted to my Facebook page.  You may need to unmute in the bottom right corner:


We had the best time!



It should be no shock to you that this happened:


Tee hee!  Man, that unicorn head was the best purchase ever.

I’m not one on taking selfies, but had to make an exception:


On the way back to the cottage, we checked out the chickens:

IMG_1335  IMG_2258

We headed back home Tuesday.  We made a pit stop at Lindsay Airport to fuel up and pick up some of their amazing butter tarts.  Mike had another joyous reaction when we were coming in to land and the airport manager came on the radio and said “Is that you, Lizzy?”  Tee hee!  The trip was one of the best I’ve ever been on.  We are certainly going to be back to Elmhirst next year!

Today’s symptoms: Not surprising, I’m really feeling the effects of doing so much over the last few days.  Very weak and drained today.  I don’t think the poor night of sleep helped at all.  This insomnia has been going on for way too long!

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