Good Grief!

Good Grief!

I hate to admit this and trust me, it’s not my idea, but I’m sitting here watching the movie Attack of the Killer Donuts while I’m writing this.  It’s Mike’s idea and I’m just here for the “amazing” ride:


Someone please help me now.  Please.  Make it stop!

Anyway, had an awesome weekend.  Actually, it was a long weekend for me.  I had Thursday off and spent the day cleaning the apartment, updating all of my aviation logbooks and some other long overdue stuff.  It was such a productive day.  Friday, I had an out-of-town appointment so Lil Jan, Mike and I all went.  Appointment went well and afterwards we hit a nearby mall.  It was a really good day and I felt decent – yea!

Yesterday, Mike and I went to his parent’s house for a family BBQ.  Awesome day.  Soon after we got there, we visited one of their cats, Sammy:


The food was amazing.  I had no prob downing one of his father’s burgers:


For dessert, we had yummola cuppy-cakes his mom made.  I’ve seen this done on websites and such for years now and one of Mike’s sister’s did it with her cupcake.  You take the bottom off and put it on top.  Then you get less messy cuppy-cakes with icing in every bite:


We brought birthday pressies for one of his nieces, as it was her birthday a couple weeks ago.  As usual, we don’t do anything normal, so we wrapped one of her pressies in this, including nice Christmas wrapping:


She was actually super excited that it was crackers.  We had to prompt the adorable four year old to open the box.  She was actually quite pleased with the little outfit we had inside.  Tee hee.  Another outfit was scrunched into a paper towel roll.  Good times!

It was nice to sorta sleep in this morning.  I’m so happy that I actually slept last night.  I woke up just before 7 and got to enjoy these scenes – thanks Abby:



Boo’s displays weren’t much better:


Good day today…..well at least up until this movie came on.  Oh darn, it’s ending.

We actually had a spa day for the cats.  Mike woke up to this on his phone:


Ok, the cats hated the baths, ear cleaning and tooth brushing, so it wasn’t very spa-esque, but it had to be done and I get to sleep in the same bed with a pile of super clean cats tonight.

Today’s symptoms: I felt pretty decent today, after sleeping well last night.  Didn’t have to take any wakey-up meds, so that was awesome.  Also didn’t need anything to help with pain.  Sweeeeet!  And by the way, Mike won’t stop saying how fantastic that movie was.  Ugh!

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