Breakfast in London

Breakfast in London

Had a few more sleepless nights.  Actually, last week, I had five hours sleep total over three nights.  Ugh!  I finally slept somewhat decently Friday night but woke up still very weak and groggy.  The headache was quite bad too.  Mostly took it easy for that day.  Slept better Saturday night and felt pretty good Sunday.  Yea!  Mike and I headed out to the airport for a flight to London for breakfast.  We hadn’t been there in over a year.   The Tower cleared us onto final for runway 27.  We noticed that the taxiway nearest to that end of the runway was quite close.  I told Mike that I was going to be a rebel and attempt to land short enough to get off on that taxiway.  He said there was no way I could do it.  We went back and forth – me saying I was going to try it and him saying it wasn’t doable.  When we were cleared to land, I made the decision to go for it.



Mike should have learned by now that if he says I can’t do something, I’ll go ahead a do it!  Here is an airport chart showing the layout of the runways and taxiways:


The end of the runway I landed on is up at the top right.  The red line is where my wheels touched down and the blue line is where I was almost at a stop.  Tee hee!  That was awesome.  It was around 500′.  Sweet!  We then taxied over to the Katana Cafe for breakfast.  I can be somewhat picky when ordering food, because I try to be as healthy as possible.  However, for the first time, I gave Mike the reins to order for me.  I even left the table and headed to the little pilot’s room while he was ordering, so it would be a surprise.  I was very happy with what he picked out – a breakfast wrap.  Great choice – yum!


We then headed back out to Vyctor to hit the skies again:


We had to make a pit stop for fuel in St. Thomas, just south of London.  There was none at St. Catharines because they were cleaning the tanks.  It was only a ten minute flight.  The nice thing is it’s the cheapest fuel in Southern Ontario ($1.39 per litre).  It was $1.90 in London.  Needless to say, I squished every drop possible into the wing tanks.  Aviation fuel (100 Low Lead) is blue:


After we took off and leveled off to about 1900′, Vyctor started riding a little rough.  I checked the mags and the right one was very rough.  I leaned out the fuel a couple times, which has worked on the ground when he was rough during start up.  About half way through the hour long flight, things started to smooth out.  I did some more mag checks on the ground and everything seemed fine.  I was still nervous so I phoned my awesome aviation mechanic when I got home.  He suggested I do another run up over the next few days and check the mags again.  Mike and I went to the airport after work today and I’m very happy to report that Vyctor ran great!  Yea!  It looks like I just had a fouled spark plug which is now cleared.  I’m so relieved!

I forgot to mention on Saturday, Jan came by for a visit.  We went to Giant Tiger to get her a new cord for her tablet.  She started snarking at me about some thing so I picked up this and handed it to her:


Mike got me the sleepy one.  Tee hee!  When I got home and told Pinky we didn’t get her a chocolate bar, she did this:


I made it up to all of the kitties with some treats of the cat variety:


I didn’t have any treats for Peanut so I gave a little chin rub instead.  Abby wasn’t too thrilled to see him:


I didn’t realize the flash was on when I took this pic:


Thankfully, I slept fairly well last night except for being up from 4:00 – 5:30.  Paws crossed tonight is even better!

Today’s symptoms: Far more energy than I had last week.  Didn’t feel nearly as weak or achy as last week either.  I’m starting to think that the weakness and extra nerve pain is mainly caused by extended periods of lack of sleep.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast in London

  1. Geez Lizzy you can’t continue to go without sleep like that. I can’t believe you’re functioning.

  2. Rough running engine in flight could have been fouled plug but could also be sticking valve caused by the lead in the 100LL. Worth considering. Sticking valves can only get worse.

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