Guelph for Lunch

Guelph for Lunch

Oops – I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it….

Mike and I enjoyed Ribfest at Montebello Park yesterday.  We’ve never been before.  Kinda silly since it’s less than a ten minute walk.  We could smell it half way there.


Mike got half a rack of ribs from Horn Dawgs and I got half a pound of pulled pork.  We split a piece of corn bread.  Dang, everything was delicious:


We are going back tomorrow to try another vendor.  Great day – glad the weather worked out.  Fortunately it was nice again today so we flew to Guelph for brekkie/lunch.  The restaurant at the airport is amazing.  It’s always full.  We were the only ones that flew in today.  Mike took a video and posted it to Facebook live as we came in to land:

Poor Mike gets a tad tense when we have to fly low over tress.  Tee hee!  We were so happy that there was a table available, since we usually have to wait.  We’ve only ever had breakfast there, so we decided to try something from their lunch menu.  Yum:


Little Vyctor looked so cute parked outside of the restaurant:


The flight back was interesting.  Lots of little small clouds along the route, until we were almost at the St. Catharines Airport.  We got a little nervous when we came upon a rather large cumulonimbus cloud, very close to the airport:


Mike checked the radar and there it was:


We had time to quickly fly over Ribfest and snag a pic:


We quickly scooched over to the downwind leg of runway 24, beating the storm:


Glad to touch down!  I’m sure this helicopter was happy to miss the storm too:


Now we’re back home and just chilling.  I just noticed that the shirt I ordered from Amazon has been shipped.  Tee hee – I’m such a dork:


How can I not get a shirt to honour my beautiful children?  Abby was impressed and screamed with excitement:


Boo was more interested in her toy:


Today’s symptoms:  I feel pretty good considering how much I did yesterday.  I did have to take a wake-up pill earlier, which has helped.  Very little nerve pain today – sweeeeeet!

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