Floatfest in Welland

Floatfest in Welland

What a great weekend.  Had a nice visit with my little mother on Saturday.  We went to visit our friend in the hospital (still improving!)  Then Mike and I went to visit my bestie at her house.  She’s so lucky as she lives very close to the airport.  Needless to say, Mike and I were frequently distracted by planes flying overhead.  We had a great visit and Mike really bonded with their dog, Bella:


Errrrrr……..maybe “bonded” is the wrong term.  Hehehe.  When we were leaving, he continued to sing the mini muffin song to me (which he had been doing all day and the day before).  Apparently he was seriously craving muffins.  So, we had to make a detour to Timmies and he came out with these bad boys:


I assumed he was just getting one.  Geesh

The next day we went up for an afternoon flight.  They were trying to break the World Record for the most water inflatables in a row, at the annual Floatfest event on the Welland Canal.  I emailed one of the organizers a couple weeks back to offer to take aerial photos and got all the event details.  I was right overhead for 3:00, which was supposed to be the time of the World Record.  Clearly from 1500′ up, this wasn’t the case:


All of the floaties need to be touching for the record, so it was pretty obvious it wasn’t happening at 3:00.  Kinda disappointing.  Grabbed a few pictures while we circled around, waiting for something to happen:




I didn’t go out of my way to try and get any great pics, since I wouldn’t be giving them to the organizers, as we discussed previously.  No record attempt pictures for me!  Nice flight though.

Mike snapped this pic as we came back over the canal:


As we were coming in to land, there was another plane up ahead so we followed him in:


We had to wait briefly after exiting the runway for this helicopter to land (no, he did not just land on the fuel truck):

Once home, we were both quite hungry.  We decided to go a place within a block from our homes, which we’ve wanted to go to for years.  Pho Dau Bo, which is a Vietnamese restaurant.  It’s always packed, so we went a little earlier (plus we had the hungries).  We both ordered the rice noodle soups, his with yucky seafood and mine with grilled beef:


We both loved it and managed to eat it all (there was a lot of food!)  We certainly recommend this restaurant.   Actually, I’m going back later this week for a visit with my friend.  Yea!

Since I haven’t mentioned the little goober in a recent blog, here’s a pic of Peanut from the other night:


He’s so cute.  Then there’s these two little cuties.  They rarely get along, but apparently Abby decided to tolerate Pinky enough to use her as a pillow.  She is pretty fat and cushiony:


Today’s symptoms: I’m happy to report I’m continuing to feel better.  The weakness is much better than it has been over the last month.  The headache has gone down quite a bit, but once in a while comes back quite strong.  More nerve pain in my left side, but nothing worth writing home about.


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