Birthday Mommy!

Birthday Mommy!

Yesterday was my little mother’s birthday.  Yea!  Mike and I decided to make her a cake.  She loves bunnies and has lots frolicking around her backyard.  Thus, I present to you Belinda the Bunny:


Not too bad, if you ask me!  I also bought her an enormous My Little Pony balloon.  I wanted to get a Sponge Bob one, but they were kinda expensive.  The Pony was on clearance for $4:


She loved the cake and pressies.  We figured it would be best to sample said cake:


After nomming some rabbit, we went to the hospital to visit our friend.  So glad that things are still improving.  We had a really nice visit.  It was a good day.

Mike and I went to the market on Saturday to get some flowers for Lil Jan.  We were a little surprised to see someone walking their pet pig:


I guess I kinda know what it’s like since I have Pinky.  When we got home, we watched a couple episodes of the Hammy the Hamster show.  My friend from work lent me the series on DVD:

IMG_1130  IMG_1024

Tee hee!  The one flying the orange airplane was pretty darn cool and cute! Almost as cute as this picture of Mya:


You may remember I mentioned in a previous blog that I attempted to give Mike an advantage at Call of Duty, by me donning my unicorn head.  I still beat him with it on so I had to try something else.  This time, I wore mittens:

IMG_1089   IMG_1090

Well, it seems the result was pretty much the same.  I’m Abby:


Poor Mike!

Today’s symptoms: Still feeling weaker than normal, but it’s certainly improving.  The headache is lessening each day too.  Yea!



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