New Website

I decided to switch my full website from GoDaddy over to WordPress.  Took quite a bit of time to figure out how to get everything set up, but I like it so far.  Right now the content is very similar to my old website, so I have to think how I can spruce it up a little.  The main thing is still going to be my blog.

Finishing off the events I discussed in my last blog……  I had to utilize my first aid skills (took the two day course every year for 11 years when I was in the Army) last week.  I was just purchasing a parking token after my blood work Monday when I heard the elevator doors open behind me followed by a large thud.  I looked back and there was this girl laying face down on the floor.  I told the token guy to go to the blood clinic and get someone to help me and to call an ambulance, then come back and tell me he had done so.  I checked her breathing and pulse – good to go.  I got her into the recovery position and kept checking her vitals.  Tried to wake her up, but she didn’t come to for at least five minutes.  Once she was conscious again, she was very spaced out.  I eventually got her sat up, but couldn’t get her to say anything.  I went in her purse and checked her license for her name.  She finally started focusing once I used her name.  The ambulance folks showed up within another five minutes or so.  During that time, I was asking her things such as if she had a seizure disorder, diabetes, history of passing out, etc.  At least I had some info to give the EMS.  So glad I was there to help her out.


I’m happy to report that I’m finally starting to feel better.  Clearly the increased B12 and iron doses are doing their job, as is my bone marrow, pumping out more cute, little red blood cells.  I’m sure it will take another week or so to get back to feeling like I did before (which is still cruddy due to the MS, but at least not double-whammy cruddy!) but I’m looking forward to it.

I went to my mother’s house today and we went to the hospital to visit her friend.  We were so glad to see how much better he was doing.  We stayed for about an hour, then went over to Walmart and Canadian Tire to look for a new mat for my balcony, which was just painted.  The previous owner had that green outdoors carpeting out there.  I figured it was time for a fresh new look, so I’m not putting it back down.  Need a mat for the kitties to lay on when they go out there.  They’re so spoiled.

Jan was showing me her amazing gardens in her back yard, while little Chippy munched away next to us.


I’d say that living in this apartment building, I miss seeing all the little critters, frolicking about outside.  But at least I get things like this to look at instead:


We had our monthly Recreational Aircraft Association meeting the other night.  Our summer meetings are held at the Welland Airport.  Unfortunately, the weather was yucky so we had to drive instead of flying in.  Bummer.  Still a great turn out:


Someone brought pickled beets to the pot luck.  I hate beets.  They are just wrong.  I ate one though:


Then I mock-kicked the guy that brought them:


Tee hee.  While there, a member of COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) gave me a copy of the local Port Colborne and Wainfleet newspaper.  He very nicely used my aerial pics of the Rankin Cancer Run:



I’m so glad I can do this for them every year!

Speaking of the RAA, I found this picture of me slightly altering this dude’s results while he weighed himself at a previous meeting.  Hehehe.  He was all upset because of the added weight he thought he gained.  I told him “No more donuts for you!”


I’m so mean.

Today’s symptoms: I’m SO happy to report I’m starting to feel better.  The only thing that doesn’t seem to be improving is this nasty headache I’ve had for weeks.  It’s nice that it wants to be friends and stick around, but I think I’m all friended out!

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