Blah Week…

Blah Week…

Last week, Mike and I met up with my Army buddy Ken and we went to the Casino again.  Ken had tickets to the Abba music show after an amazing lunch at the buffet.  Ken’s main concern while heading for noms was coffee.  He was not disappointed:


The Abba show was awesome – great singing and dancing.  After that, we hit the slots.  Ken played his favourite, the Buffalo Stampede:


I think he ended up basically breaking even.  Mike and I only played a couple machines for a few minutes.  I think Mike only lost $20 and I put in $40 and ran like the wind when I made $62:


It was an excellent day.  I had quite a bit of energy and we all had a great time.

On Sunday, we went for a fairly short local flight.  I brought my friend at the airport his birthday pressies, which included a bamboo plant.  This is why I can’t have any plants in my home:


Thanks for chewing all the leaves, Boo!  Just because it’s called bamBOO, doesn’t mean you get to eat it!


To make her happy, I bought some cat grass, which Boo and Pinky both seem to like:


Afterwards, they enjoyed smelling each other’s breath:


That afternoon, my energy totally crashed.  I spent a few hours in bed, figuring I would feel better the next day.  Nope!  The last week hasn’t been good at all.  I’ve spent 2-5 hours a day in bed.  Very weak, fatigued and a much worse than normal headache.  Not sure what the cause is – if it’s a bit of an MS flare-up or what.  The really cruddy part is Mike and I planned to go to St. Jacobs yesterday until today.  We had to cancel the hotel on Thursday night because there is just no way I could do the trip while feeling like this.  I’m so bummed about it and feel very bad about having to ruin our plans.  I suck.  😦

I mentioned in my previous blog that Mike and I attended the Pride in the Park event a couple weeks ago.  We saw a chiropractor who did a scan on our necks and upper spine.  I’ve had this scan done before and the results were the same.  We booked appointments to their clinic to have a full scan, referral for x-ray and an adjustment.  Mike had never been to a chiropractor before, but I go a few times a year.  My x-ray wasn’t too surprising as I knew I had scoliosis:


I’m all askew – pelvis is crooked too.  My scan results weren’t too impressive either:


I feel a bit more in-line after my crack-a-lackin.

My energy is a smidge better today so Mike and I went downtown to Timmies then to the market.  I thought this sign was a little funny, and there are quite a few of them around the area, all with the same spelling mistake:


I can’t believe they made all those signs with such an obvious mistake.  Tee hee!

Back home, Mya decided too stretch her adorable tiny body and look out the bedroom window:


I love how you can really see her cute muscles.  We certainly can’t see them with porky Pinky.  Right, Pinky?


Boo utilized Mya as a leg rest this morning while she cleaned herself:


Today’s symptoms: Bad headache again, but at least my energy is up a bit.  I’m hoping this is a sign that my cruddy week is coming to an end. 

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