When Geckos Attack!

When Geckos Attack!

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a charity fly-over for Heartland Forest.

My good buddy at the airport asked one of the co-op students to wash little Vyctor before I arrived:


I greatly appreciated jumping into a sparkly, clean plane!  But first, fill er’ up!


They lucked out in the weather department:



As they did the previous years, they invited me to the dinner after the tournament.  I met up with NHL’er Larry Landon again.  I’m still waiting for him to schedule a flight with me!  Not too sure about aerobatics, but he seemed up to a nice scenic flight around Niagara:


It was a great time with awesome food.  I had a full belly for what felt like three days afterwards!  Burp!

I had the day off today so Jan and I went to Walden Galleria in Buffalo.  I love the store Buckle, and there aren’t any in Canada.  We went to it in Rochester last year but for the first time ever, I didn’t find anything I wanted.  Today I was a bit more lucky.  I haven’t bought any clothes in over a year but came home with five shirts today from Buckle, Zumiez and Spencer’s.  Guess I’m good to go for another year!  Jan and I had a great day, although I’m a little sad that I didn’t come home with the awesome mug:


Back home, I opened up the doors to the balcony and the kitties didn’t hesitate to run outside:


I let them stay out a little longer than usual.  I figured I owed it to Abby, especially after the incident the other night.  I was holding my gecko Peanut up to her and he jumped on her face.  It looked like something out of the Alien movie:



Poor Abby……tee hee!!!!

I decided to use my little honey jar as a treat jar for the kitties.  They eagerly checked it out:


Mike was playing with Boo the other night.  She really likes to contort herself:


And in other weird news, Pinky is turning into a freak….she’s growing fur!!!!


It’s actually really cute.  I can’t believe how soft it is.  Might have to change her name from Pinky to Whitey.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt quite good today!  Still dealing with the nerve pain on my left side, which can be quite annoying.  Other than that, my headache was minimal today and my energy was good!

One thought on “When Geckos Attack!

  1. Hey Elizabeth…! Love the Gecko faced kitty picture.. Nice to hear you are feeling well.. take care my winged friend..! 🙂

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