All Six in One Shot!

All Six in One Shot!

It finally happened – I got all six of my children in one shot!


Front row, left to right: Peanut, Zim

Back row, left to right: Boo, Pinky, Mya, Abby

Aren’t they perfect and amazing???  Tee hee!

The lizards are happy because the crickets I’m breeding are finally big enough to be nommed.  I threw in a bunch of lettuce to feed the crickets.  This one piece was terrified:


Poor dude.

On a somewhat sad note, Abby went out on the balcony the other day.  I think she’s broken:


There was a pretty decent storm over Toronto the other night.  Being up on the tenth floor with my bedroom window facing north, I had a great view.  I took a couple pics with my iPhone….I was too tired to get up and get my good camera.  They turned out ok considering how far away the storm was:



Product review!  I mentioned in a previous blog that I recently purchased a can crusher.  I ordered it from Amazon.  It was less than $50 including shipping (from the UK).  There aren’t too many foot operated ones out there:


I must say, it does what it claims!  Here is a tuna can:


And a soup can:


I give it two paws up!

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt quite well for a change!  It was my day off and my mother was coming by for a visit.  She said she would call before she left.  She phoned at 9:15 and I was still asleep!  I could not believe I slept in that late!  I guess my body needed it though.  Still having weakness in my left leg due to my flare-up.  Some days are better than others, so I just ignore the not-so-good days!

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