Month: June 2017

Anyone Need Crickets?

I bred my last batch of crickets and didn’t see too much egg-laying going on, so figured there wouldn’t be too many babies hopping about.  Boy, was I wrong.  I think I have over 300 again!  Possibly over 500.  My geckos are going to end up morbidly obese.  I’m going to have to make them little carts to wheel themselves around in.  I can only imagine how loud it’s going to be here in about a month, with that many chirping away!  I told Zim about the latest yield, and he didn’t seem too enthused:


He slept like this for about twenty minutes.  Not too sure why he has his little paw in the cricket food.

My friend at work struck again when I changed one of the pictures I hung up at work, between our desks.  I think she made Boo look quite regal and sophisticated!


I had the day off today and Jan and I went and renewed our passports.  I think our total wait at the passport office was less than five minutes.  Sweet!  We then went to Costco to pick up some vitamins – that place was a zoo!  Ugh, I hate going there anymore as there are just way too many people.  It was nice back in the good old days when it was Price Club and not nearly as many folks had a membership.  The only reason I keep my membership is for the well priced vitamins and supplements.  Just way too much hustle and bustle for me!  Pinky did a pretty good impression of me when I got home, all pooped out:


Today’s symptoms:  I haven’t been sleeping well lately, waking up at 4am two nights ago and 5:00 this morning.  I need to remember to take my sleepy time tea before bed tonight!  Hopefully it helps.  Other than that, the last two days were the first time in over two weeks where I didn’t have to lay down for an hour or so.  Paws crossed my energy continues to increase!  Also, have this nasty headache, which can nicely go away.

I Have Issues…

I decided to run to Giant Tiger today and texted Mike to see if he wanted anything.  He asked for two dozen eggs.  When I got home, I decided to take all of the eggs out of the cartons and put them in a Giant Tiger bag.  I texted Mike and said that they don’t have egg cartons anymore.  They have all of the eggs loose in a big basket and I had to count them out and bag them myself.  Then I sent him this picture:


He believed me and said he was going to have to get an egg holder.   Tee hee!  I’m so mean!  He had egg on his face!

It gets better/worse, however you want to look at it.  Last night, we played Call Of Duty.  I usually feel bad whenever I kick his butt (which is about 97% of the time).  I decided to give myself a slight handicap and play like this:

Tee hee!  I couldn’t breathe too well so the game was short.  Final score, 7-4 for moi!


Poor Mike (Sammytard).   I won by a nose!


Good times.  That unicorn head was worth every penny.


Today’s symptoms: Energy still lower than my “normal” but getting a bit better each day.  At least I didn’t have to lay down today, but started to crash just after 2:00.  It didn’t drop as low as it has been over the last week though.  Still the bad headache.

Blah Week…

Last week, Mike and I met up with my Army buddy Ken and we went to the Casino again.  Ken had tickets to the Abba music show after an amazing lunch at the buffet.  Ken’s main concern while heading for noms was coffee.  He was not disappointed:


The Abba show was awesome – great singing and dancing.  After that, we hit the slots.  Ken played his favourite, the Buffalo Stampede:


I think he ended up basically breaking even.  Mike and I only played a couple machines for a few minutes.  I think Mike only lost $20 and I put in $40 and ran like the wind when I made $62:


It was an excellent day.  I had quite a bit of energy and we all had a great time.

On Sunday, we went for a fairly short local flight.  I brought my friend at the airport his birthday pressies, which included a bamboo plant.  This is why I can’t have any plants in my home:


Thanks for chewing all the leaves, Boo!  Just because it’s called bamBOO, doesn’t mean you get to eat it!


To make her happy, I bought some cat grass, which Boo and Pinky both seem to like:


Afterwards, they enjoyed smelling each other’s breath:


That afternoon, my energy totally crashed.  I spent a few hours in bed, figuring I would feel better the next day.  Nope!  The last week hasn’t been good at all.  I’ve spent 2-5 hours a day in bed.  Very weak, fatigued and a much worse than normal headache.  Not sure what the cause is – if it’s a bit of an MS flare-up or what.  The really cruddy part is Mike and I planned to go to St. Jacobs yesterday until today.  We had to cancel the hotel on Thursday night because there is just no way I could do the trip while feeling like this.  I’m so bummed about it and feel very bad about having to ruin our plans.  I suck.  😦

I mentioned in my previous blog that Mike and I attended the Pride in the Park event a couple weeks ago.  We saw a chiropractor who did a scan on our necks and upper spine.  I’ve had this scan done before and the results were the same.  We booked appointments to their clinic to have a full scan, referral for x-ray and an adjustment.  Mike had never been to a chiropractor before, but I go a few times a year.  My x-ray wasn’t too surprising as I knew I had scoliosis:


I’m all askew – pelvis is crooked too.  My scan results weren’t too impressive either:


I feel a bit more in-line after my crack-a-lackin.

My energy is a smidge better today so Mike and I went downtown to Timmies then to the market.  I thought this sign was a little funny, and there are quite a few of them around the area, all with the same spelling mistake:


I can’t believe they made all those signs with such an obvious mistake.  Tee hee!

Back home, Mya decided too stretch her adorable tiny body and look out the bedroom window:


I love how you can really see her cute muscles.  We certainly can’t see them with porky Pinky.  Right, Pinky?


Boo utilized Mya as a leg rest this morning while she cleaned herself:


Today’s symptoms: Bad headache again, but at least my energy is up a bit.  I’m hoping this is a sign that my cruddy week is coming to an end. 

Pride in the Park

Mike and I attended an awesome event here in St. Catharines yesterday.  It was Pride in the Park at Montebello Park.  We walked down there around 1:00.  City Hall was amazingly decked out with the Pride flag raised and all of these little pink and blue flags:


We were happy to see how many people were at the event, which included tons of vendors:


I had my tarot cards read, which was kinda neat.  We then had some bacon poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie:


Yum.  I think we wandered around for a couple hours before heading back home.


From the Pet Valu tent, I got a cute little bandana, which I figured I could use for Pinky’s head.  She loves sitting out on the balcony, but her naked head gets burned pretty quick, so I don’t leave her out too long (the ham starts to cook!)  She was not impressed:



Mya wasn’t too thrilled either when I put in on her:


I asked Boo if she wanted to wear it and she gave me this look:


I’m pretty sure that’s her “Bugger off!” face!

We went back to the event later in the evening to check out the performers and music acts:

IMG_9748 IMG_9758


Check out those heels!  I wouldn’t have been able to stand for a second in those.

We also heard a great music group from Toronto called Riverse.  I loved their music!  I met them after their awesome performance.  They were wonderful to speak with – what a nice looking group too!


Apparently they were performing in Barrie earlier that day, then drove all the way down to St. Catharines, and back to Toronto.  Good grief!!!!  I’m exhausted just thinking of a day that long.

Today, I visited with my little mother.   We hit Timmies then a few stores around Fonthill.  It was a nice day.  I’m quite pooped out today because of yesterday, but I’m still smiling from the great time I had.  I’ll probably hit the sack early tonight.  I possibly have another charity golf tournament fly-over tomorrow, but am waiting for confirmation from the organizer.  It was a go when we first spoke back in December but I haven’t heard any more since then.

Today’s symptoms: Fairly fatigued, but to be expected.  Still having the weird warmth sensation along with the nerve pain down my left side and mainly in my leg.  Other than that, a bit of a headache and everything else is good!

When Geckos Attack!

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a charity fly-over for Heartland Forest.

My good buddy at the airport asked one of the co-op students to wash little Vyctor before I arrived:


I greatly appreciated jumping into a sparkly, clean plane!  But first, fill er’ up!


They lucked out in the weather department:



As they did the previous years, they invited me to the dinner after the tournament.  I met up with NHL’er Larry Landon again.  I’m still waiting for him to schedule a flight with me!  Not too sure about aerobatics, but he seemed up to a nice scenic flight around Niagara:


It was a great time with awesome food.  I had a full belly for what felt like three days afterwards!  Burp!

I had the day off today so Jan and I went to Walden Galleria in Buffalo.  I love the store Buckle, and there aren’t any in Canada.  We went to it in Rochester last year but for the first time ever, I didn’t find anything I wanted.  Today I was a bit more lucky.  I haven’t bought any clothes in over a year but came home with five shirts today from Buckle, Zumiez and Spencer’s.  Guess I’m good to go for another year!  Jan and I had a great day, although I’m a little sad that I didn’t come home with the awesome mug:


Back home, I opened up the doors to the balcony and the kitties didn’t hesitate to run outside:


I let them stay out a little longer than usual.  I figured I owed it to Abby, especially after the incident the other night.  I was holding my gecko Peanut up to her and he jumped on her face.  It looked like something out of the Alien movie:



Poor Abby……tee hee!!!!

I decided to use my little honey jar as a treat jar for the kitties.  They eagerly checked it out:


Mike was playing with Boo the other night.  She really likes to contort herself:


And in other weird news, Pinky is turning into a freak….she’s growing fur!!!!


It’s actually really cute.  I can’t believe how soft it is.  Might have to change her name from Pinky to Whitey.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt quite good today!  Still dealing with the nerve pain on my left side, which can be quite annoying.  Other than that, my headache was minimal today and my energy was good!

All Six in One Shot!

It finally happened – I got all six of my children in one shot!


Front row, left to right: Peanut, Zim

Back row, left to right: Boo, Pinky, Mya, Abby

Aren’t they perfect and amazing???  Tee hee!

The lizards are happy because the crickets I’m breeding are finally big enough to be nommed.  I threw in a bunch of lettuce to feed the crickets.  This one piece was terrified:


Poor dude.

On a somewhat sad note, Abby went out on the balcony the other day.  I think she’s broken:


There was a pretty decent storm over Toronto the other night.  Being up on the tenth floor with my bedroom window facing north, I had a great view.  I took a couple pics with my iPhone….I was too tired to get up and get my good camera.  They turned out ok considering how far away the storm was:



Product review!  I mentioned in a previous blog that I recently purchased a can crusher.  I ordered it from Amazon.  It was less than $50 including shipping (from the UK).  There aren’t too many foot operated ones out there:


I must say, it does what it claims!  Here is a tuna can:


And a soup can:


I give it two paws up!

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt quite well for a change!  It was my day off and my mother was coming by for a visit.  She said she would call before she left.  She phoned at 9:15 and I was still asleep!  I could not believe I slept in that late!  I guess my body needed it though.  Still having weakness in my left leg due to my flare-up.  Some days are better than others, so I just ignore the not-so-good days!