Ranking Cancer Run!

Ranking Cancer Run!

I had the honour of being the aerial photographer for the Rankin Cancer Run again this year.  The weather was so iffy with forecast mist and clouds, but it cleared just in time for the event.  It always chokes me up, flying over thousands of people (this year was over 13,000) running/walking for such an amazing cause.  They raised over $1,000,000 again this year!

Here is everyone taking position, ready to rock:


And off they go!


One of the organizers did something so awesome for me.  Not only did she drop off some shirts for me, but she made one for Donkay!


Could this be anymore adorable???



I can’t believe how perfectly it fit him, since she created it just off of Donkay pics from my blog.

The flight was fairly short as I just flew around for the event, without leaving the Niagara District Airport airspace, then came in for a landing.  I accidentally parked Vyctor next to the Snowbird plane that was there.  While there, I met up with a photographer named Kerry who took some excellent shots of Vyctor next to his new friend:


And one of Vyc and I:

IMG_0670 - Copy

You can check out her amazing work on her website: Weather and Sky Photography.  Thanks again Kerry!

A fellow RAA member posted this on his Facebook page the other day:


I agree with it, but decided to spruce up the pic a bit:


I realize I angled the blue lines on the wings in the wrong direction, but close enough!

After reading this, I’m sure you’re all looking for your kitty fix, so here you go:


This is different – these two don’t much like each other:


Boo and Peanut:


You like their new LED high beams I just had installed?


Today’s symptoms: Still feeling very drained and run down.  Too much emotional stuff going on right now and it’s really having an effect physically.  I’m working hard at pulling myself up though! 

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