I Started A Gang

I Started A Gang

It was iffy up until the morning of the Walk for MS this past Sunday, but I was able to fly over the event.  The Walk in Port Dalhousie started at 9:00.  I flew overhead for at least fifteen minutes, texting the organizer on the ground continuously to let me know when to start the little aerobatics show for the Walkers. (Not too many people outside in this pic – I’m not sure if attendance was down this year due to the weather):


After at least twenty minutes of flying in circles, waiting for my text to say “Start the show!”, I looked down and everyone had started the Walk.  This isn’t the first year this has happened.


Needless to say, I was very frustrated that it happened again.  I did a few maneuvers, but people would not likely have seen them while they were walking.  I don’t think there are too many other cities in Canada that get an air show before the event is supposed to start, so I’m a tad surprised that it does not seem to mean enough to them to announce the show and tell everyone to look to the skies.  Bummer.  I have to think if I want to do the fly over during future Walks.  I will continue to do the fund raising, since that is the most important aspect, but the fly-over portion leaves me feeling a little bitter and frustrated when it ends up like it did again this year.  And aviation fuel isn’t exactly cheap!  I’m still VERY happy and touched with all of the amazing people who supported me this year!  This weekend I will do my final tally to see how much I raised, plus do the draw for the flight!

Due to the insane amount of rain over the last week, the flooding in Niagara was very clear:



At least we got to go for a flight that day – Mike came with me this year.  As always, Donkay was there too:


Coming in for a landing:


For the rest of the day, we chilled with the kids and watched some TV.   Here’s Boo booping Mya on the head:


This is clearly a very strong bookshelf….get off of there, Pinky!


When Mike was leaving that evening, I (for some unknown reason), started throwing gang signs at him.  Then I went to say South Side, but it came out Left Side.  That’s when the weird and abnormal wheels started turning in my blonde, little brain.  After he left, everything came together in about thirty minutes.  I created a gang called Left Side Aces.  I then drew the gang symbol – first just a pencil sketch, then I transferred it to Photoshop to tweak and colour.  Here is the end result:


All the details just flowed (which is pretty disturbing!)  I even created the organizational chart.  As the creator of this gang, I am the top member, known as the Kingpaw.  My second officer is the Undermew, and below that rank are the Paw Soldiers:


I told Mike he could be the Undermew, but as with most gangs, he would have to be beaten or jumped in.  That happened on Monday:


I asked my mother if she wanted to join and I would forgo the ass whooping.  I would also create a new rank for her called the Grandmewther.  She graciously declined.  I haven’t quite figured out the goal of the LSA yet.  We could steal kibble from the rich and give to the poor?  Hmmmm…….  (and yes, I know I’m weird!  It’s fun though and keeps me positive!)

Today’s symptoms: Had a couple pretty cruddy days.  Yesterday, I had six people at work tell me I looked very tired and not well.  I was a bit better today because I actually slept last night.  Dealing with some stressful situations right now (they all seemed to hit at once!) so that always takes a toll on me physically.  Things will get better though!

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