Great Flight!

Great Flight!

What a perfect start to the day.  I got to take someone up for a flight this morning.  We met at the airport around 9:15.  The weather was great when I first woke up, but then the clouds starting rolling in.  Fortunately, they were just high enough for us to head out over Niagara Falls.  My passenger had taken flying lessons in the past, so he knew the drill.  Lots of activity in Niagara Falls – Great Wolf Lodge was thoroughly packed and there were a couple Maid of the Mist boats trudging about along the Niagara River.


Once we left the Niagara Falls scenic circuit, we headed south along the Welland Canal, almost down to Port Colborne before heading back north to St. Catharines.  He was all ready to rock for some aerobatics.  As I always do with my victims….errrrrr……passengers, I explained everything he would see and feel, then I did one maneuver at a time with straight and level flight in between.


He loved everything – the roll, loop, snap roll and especially the hammer heads.  Good times!  I must admit, I still to this day get a little disappointed I don’t feel a rush or anything from the aerobatics.  I still love doing them though, don’t get me wrong.  But still, there is no bigger rush or feeling of joy than looking to my right and seeing my passenger smiling and laughing.  It’s the best feeling in the world – far better than any rush I could ever have!  I’m so lucky to have this gift to share with awesome folks, like my passenger today (came all the way from London!)

Mike and I had a nice flight last Saturday.  We flew down to Tillsonburg for breakfast.  As usual, it was quite busy there, plus they had the Harvards out:


We flew by tons of windmills on the way there and back – they’re taking over Southern Ontario.


Back home, the kitties were being their normal selves.  Mya was sitting on Pinky:


Abby was looking cute but clueless:


And Peanut was just hanging around:


The kitties were thrilled when I brought him out of the tank for a visit.  Giddy up, Mya!


He’s not edible, Pinky….never mind staring:


This would have been a perfect shot, if Abby was in it too:


I noticed this morning that my one eye liner pencil was missing.  It could only be one kitty responsible….the infamous, mischievous, thieving Boo.  I kept calling her name but she was no where to be seen.  I then noticed the bathroom door was ajar.  That’s when I found Boo and my makeup:


Good grief!  Someone needs some lessons….you ever hear of less is more?!?  Hussy.

Speaking of not being true to one’s self, I walked into work to quite a sight.  I change the picture on the post near my desk about once a week, all different 8×10’s of my cats.  I guess my neighbour didn’t want to see Mya’s nakedness anymore:


Tee hee!  I was wondering why other people sitting near me were looking at me funny when I was approaching my desk.

Mike and I went to The Works burger joint a couple days ago.  He’s a bit of a burger addict and always goes for the biggest and newest.  This one was called the Chorizo Your Own Adventure:


I took this amazing artistic shot looking through an onion ring, of him eating an onion ring.  Yes, I should submit it to National Geographic:


Today’s symptoms: My energy was quite good today!  I’m having worse than normal crushing pains in my hands though.  The thing I don’t get is that it does not get any worse with pressure or movement.  It’s not like when you stub your toe and it hurts when you move it or your shoe rubs against it.  I guess it’s because it’s nerve pain?  My hands (mostly the left one) hurt quite a bit when I was flying today, but the pressure of the yoke, especially during the aerobatics, didn’t make it much worse.  Typing right now isn’t making much of a difference either – the pain is fairly consistent.  I’ll have to ask my neurologist when I see him in May, since I’m a tad curious.  I guess it’s a good thing as activity doesn’t make it worse, but it’s still annoying and frustrating to deal with (my mother would say the same about dealing with me!)

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