Walk for MS!

Walk for MS!

I can’t believe the Walk for MS is almost here!  I hate asking for support, even though this cause means so much to me.  The Walk for MS is Sunday May 7th.  Weather permitting, I plan on flying over all three walk sites in Niagara while the Walk is underway.  They all start at the same time so I typically fly out to the St. Catharines site ten minutes before the Walk starts and I do some aerobatics to get folks going.  It’s such a rush to look down at the people there to support this cause so close to my heart.  After the Walk starts, I fly overhead and take some pics, then I head over to Welland to take pictures of them, who also just started their Walk.  After flying over for a bit and taking some pics, I head to Chippawa (near Niagara Falls) to take pics for their Walk participants.  I’m so lucky that I have the gift to do this every year. I did not ask for pledges last year (I had major surgery in April and wasn’t sure if I would be healed in time) so I’m going to ask for support this year.  As I do for most years, everyone who pledges me for the Walk will be entered in a draw to go up with my in my Cessna 150 Aerobat.  If you wouldn’t mind, please check out my Walk for MS pledge page here:  http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR/Walk/OntarioDivision?px=1375843&pg=personal&fr_id=5499

Paws crossed for great weather that day!  Thank you so much for your support!

Here’s a pic I took over the St. Catharines Walk site a couple of years ago:

MS Walk Aerial - Copy

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent except my energy took a dive early this afternoon.  I had to lay down for about an hour (I was off work today).  Feeling a little more perky now.  My headache isn’t as bad as normal today, so that’s a bonus.

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