Stench Tip

Stench Tip

My mother just gave me a great tip for my recent issue.  Lots of new people have moved into my apartment building.  Some of them are quite stinky.  We never used to have this problem.  I feel like dropping cards off at their doors saying “Welcome to the neighbourhood!  You stenched it up perfectly!”  On a day like today when it’s raining and there’s hardly any breeze, the smells float around quite a bit more.  It doesn’t help that I have a highly sensitive sense of smell (can smell a fart from a block away).  My mother looked up online what to do about this odour problem and suggested that I put equal parts of water and vinegar in a pot and put in on the stove on low.  I did it and in less than thirty minutes, the smell was gone.  It’s not just masked, it’s been totally neutralized!  I didn’t want to bring the oven into the bedroom, so instead I used my tea light oil diffuser with vinegar in it:


I’m so happy with how great it’s working.  Yea!  Thank you Jan!  I wanted to get her something as a thank you gift.  We were at the mall today and I asked if I could buy her these little shoes for her little feet:


She said no and called me a few choice names.  I think she was just afraid they would be too big.  Tee hee.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve had a bad headache on the left side  for the last couple of days.  Yesterday, my pupils were two different sizes from it.  Also had bad aches shooting down my left side today.  I think it will be better tomorrow….one can hope!

2 thoughts on “Stench Tip

  1. Good to know about the vinegar. That’s great! I hope you are feeling better today.

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