Best Brelly Ever!!!

Best Brelly Ever!!!

It was very splooshy out today.  Rain started late last night and had the unmitigated gall to keep going while I had to walk to work this morning.  At least I had the best umbrella ever made:


See, even Pinky agrees.

My bestie Laura and I tried to go to a restaurant the other night, but were bummed when we saw this in the window:


Tee hee – I love the last line!

Oh well, we found another good restaurant in the area and hit there instead.  All is good in the world again.  It almost wasn’t good when I was first leaving my apartment that night.  I did a head count and noticed I was missing a Boo.  I checked all the rooms but nothing.  I noticed the balcony door was open.  It was still cool out but the sun was shining.  Boo was lapping it up out on the chair:


It was a great evening!

I came back home to find that the antibiotics I’ve been giving Abby for the last two days finally started kicking in.  She started looking not well a couple days ago and she tinkled on the floor twice in two days.  The second time, I used a syringe to pick up some pee and put it in a bottle.  The vet tested it and said she had a fairly bad infection.  I’m so glad it’s something treatable.  I told Pinky the news as I looked up at her whilst she was perched upon her glorious cat tree.  Her expression of elation was indescribable:


I asked Abby if she was appreciative of her sister’s loving reaction to her plight.  Does she look impressed?


I was all snuggly in bed last night when suddenly a swarm of freaks ascended upon me.  Oh yes – I forgot this is how I spent every awesome night….a wee bit cramped but full of love and warmth:


At least I found a small speck of blanket and covered about an inch of my girlish stick figure to keep slightly warm that night.  ***sigh***

Today’s symptoms:  Had a pretty good sleep last night but woke up with another bad headache and lots of crushing pain just in my left hand and forearm.  Still a rather productive day, and the best part – it’s Friday!  Woot!

2 thoughts on “Best Brelly Ever!!!

  1. OK… I have to say… that is one crazy umbrella..!! Glad you can find good around you when you are not always feeling your best… Elizabeth, you are an inspiration to me.. when I feel a bit down or achy, I think of you and your strength, which keeps me from attending my own pitty party..! you rock lady..!!!!
    I’m so looking forward to coming your way this summer.. we need some time in the air to share the passion for flying up-side-down…!!!!!!! Can you do “hammerheads”..?

    Take care my amazing winged friend… 🙂

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